More Boomershoot stuff

I went out to the site again today.  Considering the late start I got and all the talking I did with the neighbors when I got there I got a lot done.  Before I left the 6″ and 8″ tubes (but not the ends for them) were delivered.  Two pallets, I don’t know how many boxes, but there were a lot of them.  I loaded up the pickup with stuff that was ready to go out on site and filled the hole (plus some) in the garage that the stuff in the pickup left.  If I hadn’t been able to drive out to the shed I would have had to leave the stuff on the pickup until I could.  The garage is very full now.

Xenia finished the gluing of one end on the 4″ tubes today.  As soon as the disks come in for the 6″ and 8″ tubes she can start on those.

The lock on the shed was malfunctioning.  I think it corroded internally.  My bolt cutters were locked in the shed.   I borrowed Dad’s and a different lock and went back out.

I finished all the electrical work in the shed I needed to get done before the event.  There is still some stuff I want to do, but it’s not critical.

I modified four of the crates so they would fit around the bolts in the floor of the magazine.  Then I put all the crates in the magazine to make sure they would fit as planned.  Everything worked.  70 crates will go in with good ventilation space remaining.

The tree didn’t come down as I had hoped.  Doug figured we would have a lot more control over where it went using chain saw and it was too windy when we were out there.

The grass is growing on the berm we shoot into, but I didn’t see anything coming up on the shooting area berm.  I may need to replant.

I arranged to borrow an ATV and a trailer for the event.  This will allow us to deliver the ton of explosives in increments of a few hundred pounds to the shooting areas, including 1400 pound up a steep hill, without using a heavy vehicle.


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  1. you could probably collapse the volume a lot by stacking the 6″ tubes inside the 8″ tubes.

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