Seattle Is Paying BLM $10M for Trashing the City

There is a lesson to be learned here:

City of Seattle just settled a $10 mil lawsuit related to BLM riots during the 2020 “Summer of Love.” City admits no wrong doing and says it’s the best move right now since the litigation has been such a time and financial drain. Otherwise, this basically signals to anarchists and FAR-LEFT activists that they can trash the city and now be compensated for their unruly behavior. It’s still upside down.

What did you just learn?


8 thoughts on “Seattle Is Paying BLM $10M for Trashing the City

  1. I would have thought it would have been the other way around. I hope that the IRS is following this payment closely.

    • Except it will be a court settlement for damages. Unless I misunderstood in Remedies class, remedies for damages aren’t taxable.

  2. “What did you just learn?”

    That in blue cities: 1) you’re on your own; 2) you’ll get to pay for everything, especially if it’s not your fault; 3) you should have moved 5 years ago; 4) if the U.S. becomes a blue country the only solution will be CWII because no civil structure will be at all useful.

  3. I learned to avoid cities as much as possible many years back. This has just reaffirmed that knowledge.

    • They certainly rolled over and gave up trying to protect the public’s and the taxpayer’s pocket book.

  4. Got to get BLM tuned up for the Trump campaign and the real shit-show that is about to begin. (And we get to see another commie supply line.)
    They might need real guns and ammo this time around. And those big fireworks/explosives ain’t cheap you know.
    It’s all as fake and gay as communism can get.
    Somewhere in the comments someone used/invented the term “Clownwars”, Don’t get no better than that description.
    To bad the jokes on us. Or soon will be.

  5. What I learned is that crime pays if your criminal gang is in control of the local law enforcement.

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