It is Dangerous For People to Believe They May Lawfully Possess a Firearm.

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It’s very dangerous for younger Americans to be indoctrinated with the viewpoint that the Second Amendment allows every American to lawfully possess a firearm.

Kris Brown,
President of Brady
January 20, 2024
The NRA wants your kid to love guns: programs promote 2nd Amendment absolutism to Kindergarteners on up

Delusions are often functional. Having this delusional belief allows Brown to pretend she is not a criminal. I hope she enjoys her trial.


6 thoughts on “It is Dangerous For People to Believe They May Lawfully Possess a Firearm.

  1. It says what they think about us and our views, too.

    Believing in inaliable rights and teaching them to our kids is “indoctrination” and “very dangerous”.

    Oh, and it’s not a historical fact, with centuries of supporting jurisprudence and SCOTUS decisions. It’s just our “viewpoint”.

    I wonder what color the sky is in Ms. Brown’s world.

  2. There is something is wrong with “LAWFUL” possession? Huh,,What?
    What a bunch of evil retards communist useful idiots are.
    And on the other hand it’s OK for the same kindergartners to be taking puberty blockers and have they genitals mutilated?
    Now we know why real communists just take them out back and shoot them.
    Real communists like guns as much as we do. Their just psychotic control freaks about who gets to use them.
    I’m pissed. For years I get called out on every stupid remark I ever made. And Brown spouts 3th grade crap-think and gets paid millions by Bloomberg? One would think for that kind of money he would expect better liars.

  3. I’m going to take a contrary position and say that Kris Brown’s statement, stripped of context of his larger point and his group affiliation, is very narrowly correct.

    It is dangerous for people to think that all Americans can lawfully possess firearms.

    If an American is:
    – Convicted of violent crime by a jury
    – Mentally incompetent for whatever reason, such that they cannot be held responsible for their actions, as adjudicated by jury
    – Other substantive and objective reasons why The People cannot afford to have them bearing arms on American soil, such as illegal aliens or born Americans that have renounced their citizenship
    …then that American, or anyone else, should not believe that specific American can legally possess a firearm. Frankly, they can’t be trusted with a fork, or an automobile, either.

    Outside of that, we revert to the default: Americans should American as energetically as they see fit, and that includes the bearing of whatever arms they have the wherewithal to choose.

    I see this as somewhat related to the overheated, hyperbolic rhetoric the anti-gunners have used in relation to Constitutional Carry or “Stand your ground” or “castle doctrine” type laws. The anti-rights crowd fills the airwaves with “There will be gunfights over parking spaces” and “You can just shoot whoever you want and get away with it”, which is objectively untrue with even the least amount of research into the issue. The circumstances under which someone can legally be shot remain very narrow and quite specific. But what if some low-information yahoo takes those idiots seriously? Similarly, just because this guy makes a objectively true statement, in strict isolation, does not mean that he is correct in his larger aim, in which no Americans believe they can legally possess any kind of firearm.

    • If Harari has no rights, then it should be legal to hunt him and mount his head on your wall as a trophy.

  4. Even worse for Ms Brown; many of us were hyper liberals once.
    I’ve heard lots of, “I used to be OK with gun bans,” stories from present gun owners, but damn few, “I used to be a gun owner and support banning them now!” stories.
    Looking back at the idiot I was in high school… Man I want a time machine to slap that moron around. I deserved it!

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