World War 3 has Already Begun

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Kuzio’s alarming statement continued, claiming that Russia and Iran share the goal of eradicating Ukraine and Israel “from the face of the earth”. He added that these countries perceive themselves to be at war, while Western governments, particularly the Biden administration, are seemingly oblivious. “For them, World War Three has already begun,” Kuzio added.

Alessandra Scotto di Santolo
January 19, 2023
‘World War 3 has already begun’ as warning issued ‘no chance of peace for decades’

I want an underground bunker in Idaho.


10 thoughts on “World War 3 has Already Begun

  1. Both Russia and Iran are flailing. If the West were strong, this would not be a matter for serious concern.

    Unfortunately, the United States is deliberately projecting weakness, as are many US allies.

    The US will get a strong President, who will swing a big stick while not speaking all that softly. This is certain. What we don’t know is this: will we get that strong President in time to nip WW3 in the bud, or will we have to fight it?

    • The Russians are not flailing, they are winning, and grinding up NATO assets and money every day. The US has a serious recruiting crisis, old ships, little shipyard capacity to replace losses, a corrupt and out of control military-industrial complex, and way too much outsourcing and complexity in our supply chain. We no longer have any significant tech advantage, RUS ECW renders our “smart” weapons vastly less effective, and out military doctrine is predicated on a no-longer-existent industrial capacity and the assumption of air superiority that doesn’t exist. We are not just “projecting weakness.”

      A strong president will face the massive inertia of a politicized military, a corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy, etc. Short of a MASSIVE military and FedGov housecleaning, and a decade of onshoring and rebuilding industrial capacity and reworking doctrine in the age of cheap drones, we are not ready for a war with a peer adversary.

      On the bright side, Russia has no imperial ambitions, China is almost as sclerotic and corrupt as we are in many ways (and has a rapidly aging population), and there are not many other potential peers to fight. But we are collapsing from within, so all they really have to do is wait.

    • “The US will get a strong President”
      Yaaa, not going to happen. Blackrock owns both candidates at this point. And they want us dead to.
      And if we still had a big stick to swing? It wouldn’t work on 15 little bitches that rat-pack us from all directions at once.
      The Empire set out to control too much. Now were short.
      Everyone knows it but us.
      Rolf is spot on.

  2. “….particularly the Biden administration, are seemingly oblivious…”

    “Oblivious” in this case would be a compliment, and merely “oblivious” would be a gift; “actively working to destroy the country” is more accurate.

    • “The Biden administration is ‘particularly’ oblivious,” but there is NO WAY this Leftist and all his predecessor Leftists could be so uniformly wrong on so many things, so massively, and so often. Intentionally and actively is more accurate.

  3. For us? If one reads a little Sun Tzu. Were not in WWIII. We already lost WWIII. And CWII is what is about to begin.
    Complete with the oligarchs importing a foreign army to win it for them. (If one can truly say there will be a “winner”, in all this.)
    As a nation that has so much of its supply lines this thin? We won’t be one for long should a real force decide to fight us here.
    Kind of like the Chinese army moving across our border as we speak? Coupled with the Mexican cartel supply system that would make FEDEX blush. (Ya, they been working together a long time now.)
    Bunker in Idaho is a good call, Joe. Stocked with all the food, ammo, and good friends you can find.

  4. I’m considering the Source Material.

    So I’m calling USINTELL Agency and US State Dept. BS fingers in this pie.

    As I see it and have seen it for the last 20yrs anyway, USINTELL Agencies and US State Dept Machinations have been the most Threatening and Dangerous thing to any sort of Global ..Calming and now it appears they have gone Domestic.

    Russia is the least of MY worries.

    • Clearly, the Russians have struggled in Ukraine. And they are far away. I worry a lot more about various elements of the USG and our so called allies in the West.

  5. This is all the usual neocon nonsense. They haven’t noticed that the Soviet Union has been gone for more than 30 years. For another view:
    “According to Solzhenitsyn, Russians were not the ruling nation in the Soviet Union. He believed that all the traditional culture of all ethnic groups were equally oppressed in favor of atheism and Marxist–Leninism. Traditional Russian culture was even more repressed than any other culture in the Soviet Union, since the regime was more afraid of peasant uprisings by ethnic Russians than among any other Soviet ethnic group.”

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