Promiscuous with Guns

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We are much too promiscuous with guns in this country, with the spread of proliferation of guns in the country. Something needs to be done to stop it,

Hank Johnson
U.S. Representative from Georgia (D)
December 8, 2023
Rep. Hank Johnson reintroduces House gun control legislation

There they go again, conflating guns with sex and disease.

They just can’t help it, can they?

I guess when all you have are insults against legal, moral, and practical considerations you go with what you have and hope for the best.

I hope to see him enjoy his trial someday..

Guns are like books. Possession, use, and purchase is a specific enumerated right. You should be able to be purchase them anyway, anytime, anywhere, from anyone.


5 thoughts on “Promiscuous with Guns

  1. You might want to go look in the mirror Hank. As the real problem is useful/useless communist idiots running around thinking they’re in power.
    Not the power tools we use for fun and defense.  
    You’re in violation of your oath of office. And no different than the other senile morons staggering around the halls of power.
    You sound like Dianne Feinstein at her last vote.
    And sorry Joe, but justice Kagan already told us we don’t have to have trials anymore.

      • HAHAHAHA! I forgot! That was hilarious! The best part was the admirals answer.
        Something to the affect of; “We haven’t considered that as a contingent, sir.” And said it with a straight face! (As opposed to falling off his chair while holding his intestines in laughter.)
        Ya, that guy is whacked. To funny!

  2. When the “royalty” in dc give up their (taxpayer provided) ARMED security guards, I might consider listening to them on matters relating to gun ownership. . . NAAHH, probably not.

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