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Within the Civil Rights Division is the Special Litigation Section, which investigates civil rights abuse by state and local police, as well as those responsible for operating jails, prisons and mental health institutions. It is a federal mechanism that could easily investigate ATF. The agency needs to answer for its creation of an illegal gun registry and the civil rights abuse of numerous Federal Firearm Licensees, as well as actual crimes committed by overzealous agents. It would be a powerful tool since the Special Litigation Section has never lost a case.

Lee Williams
November 17, 2023
How to Fix Damage Done to 2nd Amendment by Joe Biden

Williams is on the right track but hasn’t taken it far enough. Admittedly, he does say his list of things is just a starting point. However, I just want to get things right out in the open.

I believe the civil rights violations will continue until the politicians that advocate for these infringements suffer some consequences. Let them enjoy a few trials, heavy fines, and time in prison. The rights violations will continue until something like this is a serious threat.


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  1. Looking at their caseload, an awful of it is corrections related so it would need to be repurposed to do as you wish. However, it wouldn’t be a mission expansion at all to have them intervene in the matter of the J6 political prisoners.

    The problem is that the Civil Rights Division is the very worst part of the DoJ.

  2. At this point the “special litigation section”, is Kabuki. As if it hasn’t always been. I mean, the violation of 2A start in what 1934? (Legislatively speaking.)
    Asking the government to go after government is just asking for trouble.
    The fact that we would believe that they would in any serious manner says more about our own nature.
    We’ve been quite gullible.
    Like thinking an organization that calls itself the American civil liberties union. But won’t and never has defended the 2A. Is all about our rights.
    Not f–k’in hardly.
    Even a cursory examination would have 90% of DC in jail, or on the scaffold. Along with most of the heads of state, on pikes.
    Our trust in government has allowed them to no longer care if we trust them.
    “You have a republic, if you can keep it.” And now we live in what government calls a democracy. (And by coincidence calls you deplorable terrorists.)
    Just not for long.

    • True. I do however believe that instead of Kabuki theater, it is more like Punch ‘n’ Judy, something to entertain the children while other things happen they just aren’t supposed to know about.

  3. Vivek recently said he had an idea to trim the government by 50% on Day 1 if he was elected: everyone with an even last digit of SSN will be let go immediately. Others have criticized this methodology and proposed a alternative: he should roll a d10, live and on camera, and those with a last SSN digit of that number get to keep their job.

    I’ll compromise: roll the d10 thrice, you keep those last-digits, and then hire a big specific Second Amendment Enforcement branch for the DOJ-CRD and half of them start going through whoever is left in the DOJ with a Conspiracy-Under-Color-Of-Law scythe, then do the rest of the federal government. The other half go through the state, county and local governments.

    You’re going to end up in some districts where the only major party candidates available to run are first-time candidates. I figure that’ll be true in a lot of California, Illinois, most of New England…

    • Neither of those variations go anywhere near far enough, given that not just half but rather the vast majority of what the Federal government currently does is in no way permitted by the plain English words of the Constitution.

  4. Suggest a same state pro-gun group “nominate” the state governor that signed the latest/any anti-gun legislation to the Special Litigation Section.

    • Governor Brylcreem here in California would never consent to that.
      Then the grouip tells him it isn’t a matter of his consent, it is a matter of the people as principal addressing breaches of the agency agreement he swore to uphold as the people’s agent to perform the necessary functions of government.

  5. The Special Litigation Section of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division are the Left’s offensive line for lawfare. Obama used them as his personal attack dogs. They are the very worst people in the DOJ. They’re so bad absolutely everybody else looks down on them.

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