MORE GUNS, Not Less.

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A disarmed population is a population of sitting ducks just waiting for criminals to go duck hunting. And out of all the legislators and soccer moms and pastors and businesses that want to demonize and take the guns away, none of them are going to protect you and your family. It’s up to you. But if the criminal has a gun and you don’t, it’s up to them. And I don’t think they are going to do what is in your best interest.

Trevo Craw
May 18, 2023
Gun Control: MORE GUNS, Not Less.


One thought on “MORE GUNS, Not Less.

  1. A great article, chock full wisdom, reason, and the proper way to consider guns in society.
    He forgot to mention the big reason to have guns.
    Because one can’t have a psycho-tech genocidal communist totalitarian utopia if people can fight back.
    If we have guns. Next thing you know we’ll be talking bad about them too. And have steak for dinner. And drive pick-ups around anywhere you want. And we won’t need them anymore.
    And basically do whatever we want.
    Communist psycho-mommy gov just cannot abide that, at all.
    Our forefathers wrote the 2A into the constitution because they understood human nature. And those that always arise to control society.
    That’s also why we need guns.

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