Get Rid of your Fire Extinguishers

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If you have a fire extinguisher in your home get rid of it. You’re nothing but a firefighter larper. Go join the local fire brigade if you want to fight fires!

Lucas Botkin (@LucasBotkin)
Tweeted on May 12, 2023

In case you didn’t already guess, this is sarcasm in response to anti-gun assertions individuals should not own firearms.


5 thoughts on “Get Rid of your Fire Extinguishers

  1. If you have a first aid kit in your home get rid of it. You’re nothing but a doctor wannabe. Go to medical school if you want to treat injuries.

  2. The commies should be all behind that one. Isn’t that what they said killed officer Brian Sicneck on J6? Getting hit in the head with a fire extinguisher?
    And absolutely Hank. We should never take medicine in our own hands. Next thing you know people will be using Ivermectin to treat covid!
    Control of the whole system could be lost.
    Love Lucas Botkin, that skinny bastard can shoot! I got one his battle belts. Top notch gear!

  3. The problem is leftists and gun grabbers, the terms are nearly synonymous, are incapable of grasping esoteric concepts like irony, satire and hypocrisy. This Tweet is totally lost on them.

  4. Someone asked once why I kept guns in my house. I told them that if I needed a gun because a criminal was trying to get into my home, I wanted to be able to protect myself and my family. They asked if I was that afraid and certain that something like that would happen. So I asked them if they had fire extinguishers in their house to which they answered affirmatively. I followed that answer with, are you really sure that there is that much danger of a fire breaking out that you need one? Why not just call 911? The fire station is less than a mile from here. There was a wonderfully blank look on their face and no answer so I am quite certain the point was made.

    • Don’t count on it. In a similar situation, I had someone give me the blank look for a few seconds and say, “That’s just stupid.”

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