This Should be a Clue

When more than half of your residents would leave if they could it should be a clue to the public servants that they are doing something wrong:

Fifty-one percent of those surveyed said they would move to another state if they could, compared with 39% who said the quality of life in Washington is worth the cost. The remaining 10% said they didn’t know.

I didn’t read this until a few minutes ago but Barb and I talked about this on our walk this morning. It is very expensive to live here, but the “Bellevue Bubble” has its benefits.


5 thoughts on “This Should be a Clue

  1. This might also be a clue that a majority of people in this state feel, at a gut level, that the elections in this state are, and have been, rigged (by south sound democrats) for some time. As they have been.

    In my personal opinion, since at least 2000. Full disclosure: I worked on Sen. Gorton’s reelection campaign. As well as Dino Rossi’s gubernatorial campaign in 2004.

  2. Slight majority?!?!?!?! Oh that’s rich. 51% or more of your people would move if they could. But are stuck. How is that not the biggest headline in the state???? And echoing off the walls in the state house?
    How ’bout this headline; Most people think Washington state government sucks-ass and swallows! Want to leave but can’t because of taxes and economy imprison them.
    And so much for that whole democracy thingy they keep yapping about.

  3. Then why don’t they vote out the people that are making their lives miserable? This is what I don’t get. I don’t understand how they don’t make the connection between those they support and the outcomes they enjoy?
    At least I’m honest when I say my state sucks, I want to leave it and I know my vote doesn’t matter. There isn’t a strong enough minority here in Maryland to turn the tide so we ultimately elect to vote with our feet.

    In a different life, I’d be right there complaining alongside you, Joe. In Bellevue or Redmond. I turned down a relocation offer to move to what I thought my dream place, Seattle, in the late 90s. Very nearly wound up at Microsoft. Kind of glad I didn’t. Yes, wound up in a different hellhole but the WA State legislature seems hellbent on destruction. Maryland’s is merely inept most of the time with occasional flashes of disgust and action against those it disfavors.

    The only two reasons I have to even set foot in WA State now are Mt. St. Helens at some point in the future to cross a bucket list item off (I want to summit the mountain) and if I have to pick up my friends in Spokane for Boomershoot. Other than that, I’d turn my back on the place and never look back.

    It is terrible that we have to look for freedom within our own country.

    • There’s no one different to vote for. All elections will result in people who support these policies voted into office.

  4. It’s called “voting with your feet”, and my wife and I did it to get out of the Soviet Socialist State of Minnesota. We lived in a (very small) house in the Heart of the Hive™ of southwest Minneapolis for 27 years, effectively kept there by my job. Note that we were in a neighborhood that voted 3-to-1 for Marxists like Keith Mohammed X Ellison and Ilhan Omar…no need to fraud the vote there, but I personally witnessed it in every election.

    Even before I retired we had looked for a place to live outside the vast, productivity-sucking black hole that is the 7-county “metro area” around the Twin Shitties, but because of the influx of people fleeing New York or California were not able to afford anything.

    We made the decision to cut ties, leaving our home state of more than 60 years to move somewhere we could talk about reality without being considered pariahs, and found our retirement home in a small town of NW Wyoming. We took our retirement incomes from a state that punitively taxes them, and we took our exorbitant property taxes away from a state that either absorbs them in a bloated bureaucracy or wastes them on parasites. Their loss is our gain.

    More stories could be told, but we’re NEVER going back. We’ll watch that state consume its producers in favor of parasites, and watch once-lovely cities go the way of Detroit.

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