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The right to bear arms is a fundamental right protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Responsible gun ownership can provide individuals with the means to protect themselves and their families.

Bing Chatbot
April 3, 2023

This was in response to, “Please write a one or two sentence sound bite in support of gun ownership.”

This is probably better than I could have done.

This is the best image Bing Create gave me with the input being the two sentence sound bite above:


This is best it came up with use the input of, “An image of a woman and a child with the context of ‘The right to bear arms is a fundamental right protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Responsible gun ownership can provide individuals with the means to protect themselves and their families.'”


Bing Chatbot is significantly ahead of Bing Create.


16 thoughts on “AI Support for Gun Ownership

    • I’m sure those six-finger hands would do well. 🙂
      AI art does hands and weapon details badly.

      • Maybe six fingers is going to be how future genetic people will be modified so they can tell us apart?
        Five fingers being the old de-generates?
        It would be a quick ID for who gets what. And no one is going to know about weapons then anyway?

      • AI has extensive knowlege about pictures. It *knows* what a picture of a hand is. It does *not* know what a hand is.

  1. The AI has the understanding of “gun” that an ignorant-class anti-gunner has.

    Suppose you were an entity whose entire exposure to the real world was through 2D images (still or moving) annotated with tags applied by other people. You’re given a large collection of images and told for each “There is a gun in this image, along with a man, woman, dog, car, truck, etc”. So you go about looking at each image, breaking it down: this part is grass, this part is a flat color background, this part is a human (I have lots of references for that), this part is a tree… so what is left could be the “gun”. So you compare the potentially “gun-y” parts of the images and you come up with some conclusions: A “gun” is a set of shapes in either plastic or metal textures, with a major axis, and there is usually some kind of tube-like shape aligned with that major axis and some other offset shapes that also align with that axis, but the part where a human holds it, which might have a wood-grain pattern, sticks out from the major axis somewhere in the middle third of the “gun” if it’s a big one, or at one end if it’s a small one. “Guns” have all kinds of greebly details all over them.

    Now, you (this 2D image trained AI) are asked to make a picture with a gun in it, and like a pre-schooler, you draw gun-y shapes. Being a computer, you work very fast and can draw photo-realistic shapes, but they’re still just gun-y shapes. You don’t know the “why” of any of those shapes, and have no idea what the greebly bits are for but you know that “guns” have them.

    I wonder if the Ai would get any better if some gun-savvy people asked it to make drawings of specific things, like “An AR-15 with an quad-railed fore-end and ACOG mounted to the top rail, a six-position telescoping stock, and a birdcage flash suppressor. The AR-15 is flat dark earth colored.”

  2. Great to see Bing Chatbot shining in its abilities to create visually appealing content in support of responsible gun ownership. It’s important to remember the Second Amendment and the right to protect oneself and loved ones. Keep up the good work, Bing Chatbot!

  3. Joe, did you ask AI to draw white people?
    Did it know you were white, so it drew white people? Just wondering how AI decides a persons color in it’s renderings?

      • Commercial Artists call that “Greeking”, from “It was Greek to me.” in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”.
        The Artist doesn’t know what the copy should be, and the copywriter hasn’t come up with it yet, so the Artist fills in so if the deadline is missed it isn’t his or her fault.

        Bev Doolittle, a commercial artist who produced a lot of fine art for Greenwich Workshop once recounted how she was fired for Greeking her commercial artwork of a Liquor bottle she was working on at 3:00 am

    • It must be the updated version of “Lorem ipsum…” using letters that partly look like regular (Roman) alphabet and partly are just wrong shapes. Not even roman-inspired but different, as Cherokee is.

      Or to look at it another way, it’s the lettering equivalent of those hands (six fingered in the first, four fingered in the second picture).

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