Three Bricks Fall from the Wall

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NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Defendant Attorney General Robert Bonta, and his officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and those persons in active concert or participation with him, and those duly sworn state peace officers and federal law enforcement officers who gain knowledge of this injunction order or know the existence of this injunction order, ARE HEREBY PRELIMINARILY RESTRAINED AND ENJOINED from implementing or enforcing California Penal Code sections 31910(b)(4)–(6), or from otherwise preventing the retail sale of handguns that do not have a chamber load indicator, a magazine disconnect mechanism, or microstamping capability but that meet the other requirements of the Unsafe Handgun Act.

Cormac J. Carney
United States District Judge
March 20, 2023
Boland v. Bonta (C.D. CA):

See the case history here.

This injunction does not go into effect until April 3, 2023. And California Attorney General Bonta may appeal the decision. And, of course, the actual trial will probably take months or even years to resolve. And even if these three points are litigated successfully the “Roster of Certified Handguns” still has teeth in it which can and will be used against sales of firearms to the oppressed residents of California.

These items are just three bricks falling from a wall of unconstitutional gun laws in California.



One thought on “Three Bricks Fall from the Wall

  1. Re those remaining teeth of the UHA:
    There’s still the requirement for each and every handgun SKU to go through the firing and drop-testing process. I’ve no idea how many independent testing labs are still around to do these, but I suspect that there will be a trickle, not a flood, of new handguns certified for sale on the CA market. And that said stream won’t even start until after this case is fully litigated. I cannot see manufacturers, especially smaller ones, wanting to start the process until they know they can sell their guns in CA. And I would also not put it past the CA legislature to seriously “strengthen” the testing requirements – much higher round counts, higher and more drops, etc. – before the litigation stops.

    Pity the whole thing wasn’t gutted.

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