Leaving Seattle

Barb and I avoid Seattle as much as possible. Over 10% of Seattle residents are contemplating leaving Seattle in the next year:

Newly released survey data from the federal government shows that of the nearly 1.6 million households in the Seattle area in 2021, about 171,600 — almost 11% — were either thinking about or planning to move to a different place in the next 12 months.

Among the 15 largest metro areas, Seattle had the second-highest percentage of people considering or planning to move away, just a fraction behind Dallas — the two metros were effectively tied at 11%. The Riverside, California, area had the third-highest percentage, with about 10% of households planning or contemplating moving away within the year.


I wonder why that is. Could it be related to things like Mug Me Street and Washington State’s oppressive gun laws?


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  1. I dove into the tabs, because Dallas seemed to be an outlier. The outlier I found in that data is that it’s about 70% white people moving, and moving to a different hood or city.

    Dallas is 28% white (not Hispanic.) So, with Dallas, it’s white flight. Great, we’re going to be Detroit 2.0.

  2. Raised in Seattle 1970-1988. Even in 1985, I could tell that things were not getting better for White men and boys. There was some residual goodness, Boy Scouts was still okay (probably for about 10 more years), gasoline was not expensive, but the City was clamping down in a way that one would expect from a Communist Banana Republic with the mostly-approval of voters. Many City,County,State inspectors swarmed about to ensure compliance with permits and rules concerning any productive or extractive activity.

    Feminism wrecked my family. I somehow avoided porn, Heroin, and Marijuhana and the usual young man issues, to find few open avenues. One that remained open to me at 22 was the USAF need for smart motivated gear repair nerds. Beats starving in the rain. It also got me away from Interstate 5 in Washington.

    The world is not like Seattle (except Portland)! Most Americans are not Male Feminists or Bernie Bros. Most Americans believe that working hard at a paid job should mean you make more than the bare minimum for survival after taxes, but that the wage you get can be competitively high, or low, depending on productivity.
    Most Americans believe that the more wealth you save and accumulate, the more of a good man you are. Using your wealth and knowledge to build desirable things makes you important. Banking and Healthcare should be about 3% each of the American economy, not 20% each (leaving only 60% for survival and savings).
    Most Americans are willing to kill arsonists who wear black masks and pretend that they are an “idea”, or at least imprison them for life.

    These crazy cities force you to chose a side. I just wanted to be left alone.

    • A lot of us just want to be left alone.
      But they are totally willing to organize into a mass hivemind to NOT leave you alone.
      Organize or die, sorry to say.

  3. Thanks, infographic saved to my Images folder under the name “metastasizing_cancer.png”

  4. So…10% of Seattle’s morons are seeking to move and inflict their mental deficiencies on other locations. All they will succeed in doing is infesting some new location with their insanity and mental aberrations. Classic leftist insanity. Instead of fixing the problems they create they simply destroy someplace and then move on to repeat the process. Yet another reason why it should be legal to shoot leftists.

  5. When ever I encounter someone who has fled the “Left Coast”, I always ask if they are a refugee or a colonist. You would be surprised by the number of people who don’t get the question. I usually follow up with some more questions to probe their values as a way of explaining to them what the difference is. There have been a few folks that have been quite offended when I tell them they certainly appear to be colonists even though they claim otherwise. Pretty hard for some people to realize that they have met the enemy and it is they themselves.

    • Complete mental disconnect between the policies and people they vote for, and how their quality of life changed.

      Granted there is a lag time, but still.

  6. I guess Portland, OR citizens just love the smell of bum urine in the morning.

    It smell like socialism!

  7. Proof that once again the left is just stampeding the buffalo over your crops.
    We don’t live in Bosnia, yet. So not much anyone can do to stop it. Except get hard. Certain people move for whatever reason. But will they prepare for what’s coming?
    Remember, all those city problems are created and paid for.
    And we have gotten our moneys worth and then some.
    It can’t last. Cause it wasn’t meant to.
    When the music stops and them people get broke, hungry? Sorry, bud. Don’t know what to tell you, except you can’t starve out front of my house. Move on.

  8. I’m a little surprised Portland Oregon isn’t on the list. A friend is packing to leave the suburbs for Nevada this weekend and friends in PDX are looking to at least move out of the metro area if not Oregon. The city government’s headlong rush to make Portland into San Francisco is driving out both businesses and residents, and the supply of hipsters and startups to replace them is dwindling.

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