Math isn’t taught in Baltimore

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Baltimore City’s math scores were the lowest in the state. Just 7 percent of third through eighth graders tested proficient in math, which means 93 percent could not do math at grade level.

But that’s not all; Project Baltimore combed through the scores at all 150 City Schools where the state math test was given.

Project Baltimore found, in 23 Baltimore City schools, there were zero students who tested proficient in math. Not a single student.

Chris Papst
February 6, 2023
23 Baltimore schools have zero students proficient in math, per state test results

This is so bizarre to me.

I find it difficult to believe any of the following hypothesis to explain these results:

  • Corruption of some nature which is so pervasive that teachers have near zero motive to do their jobs.
  • There are this high of percentage of students which are incapable of meeting grade level.
  • The tests are so difficult to meet grade level such that nearly no student can succeed.

I’m left with, “This is deliberate.” Could it be some sort of “Math is racist” thing is going on? What could be the motivation? Creating an “army” of non-thinking drones for welfare and votes?


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    • Nah. The tests are easy. (My kids grew up in MD in recent years. Our first house was in Baltimore county, where my 7 year old daughter was molested in school – in the hallway – waiting in line – in front of teachers. We didn’t stay there long after that.)

      Common Core curriculum is designed to confuse and frustrate children into never learning anything.

  1. I don’t think the test is too hard. There are schools in Maryland that are hitting 90% proficiency. (see Bethesda and Rockville)

  2. The teaching pedagogy these days is total crap.

    The common Core curriculum for math is nearly total crap; it’s doing the same thing to math that “whole word” language learning did long ago when they dumped phonics and saw a reading and comprehension nose dive.

    Across the district only Asian and White kids scored above 48% on the math assessment, but they are only 8% of the student population, with blacks (average IQ < 85 if they are typical of the US black population) being 78% of the student population.

    So you have a huge number of students who are not culturally incentivized to study math or with a history of being biologically selected for math skill, with low average IQs, being taught a crap curriculum with toxic teaching methods. To expect even a simple majority of them to be at grade level, which grade level is aimed at people a full standard deviation smarter with a functional home life, is foolish.

    (For context, the military will not recruit anyone with an IQ below 83 as they cannot be taught to do any military job safely and reliably in a reasonable time frame.)

    But hey, at least we are importing lots of low-skill, low-IQ foreigners with incompatible cultural practices to compete with them for low-paying, low-skill jobs that companies are automating as fast as we can so they don't have to deal with that sort of employee. What could go wrong?

  3. And we wonder why Russia would rather fight than have us near them?
    To me, the real question is whom and what are they being groomed to destroy?
    Cause they sure as hell aren’t being taught to uphold and build society.
    So, the next time you hear someone say were in a transition. Answer for them; To the next level of hell, right? Cause that’s the only place we can get to from here!
    Bosnia x Rwanda x great depression, on steroids. For a generation or more. Seems to be the real New World Order.
    And we have the test scores to prove it.

  4. One would think the Eddie Eagle program would be big part of ongoing education in Baltimore?
    As firearms handling is and will apparently continue to be a problem.

  5. Between TikTok and city public schools, the most plausible answer is “enemy action”.

  6. if they show up and can write a name on a worksheet, they get a passing grade…they don’t want to deal with them next year so the all pass…learning doesn’t take place in these classrooms…

  7. This sounds just a dangerous as the article I listened to on 1st grade reading curriculum today. Instead of teaching kids how to sound out words, they are telling them to look at the picture and guess which word would fit. Insanity.

    • That is basically the “whole word” language approach. Short version of how/why that happened:

      Education Researchers (ERs) looked at how the early readers did things. They didn’t see them sound words out, and theythought they understood how they were doing it, so they figured “well, if the early readers do that, then we should teach everyone to do it that way!” What the ERs didn’t realize is that the early readers did use phonics, but they’d blown through it in about a week and internalized it and forgot the details because (smart).

      Predictably, skipping that step and going to whole word flash-card approach for normies failed badly, and for the below-average it was a catastrophe. Fast forward a few decades.

      Common core math looked at how smart kids did mental math, and noticed they used a lot of tricks like regrouping , such as seeing 17+23=?, recognizing they could move three from one to the other and make it 20+20, and that’s easy. So common core tries to teach a lot of advanced strategies like that.

      The problem is, they teach them too early when kids are still in a very concrete / non-abstract mental developmental stage, and before they have drilled in the basic algorithms and relationship basics, and they are trying to teach more advanced abstract concepts to normies and dullards, often from cultures that don’t even handle abstracts well as adults. From the kid’s perspective it’s all just a bunch of random motions with no rhyme or reason.

      And then they don’t give the kids enough time to practice, it’s often taught in elementary school by teachers who went elementary ed because they sucked at math, with a pedagogy that emphasizes feelings over right answers. Yeah… that’s going to fail. Hard.

  8. The “Elites” here in the US decided back in the late 1800’s(!) that well educated workers in the new factories of the industrial revolution was not a useful or good thing, and so they decided that dumbing down the normal curriculum of the common access schools should be attempted.
    A number of avenues were followed to bring this about.
    Here’s just a few:
    Standardized textbooks, to make it easy to control the information that reached the students at all grades.
    A gradual lowering of standards for teachers to meet to qualify. This also chases away those who are smart, from considering teaching as a profession.
    A push to force all in a class to move at the pace of the slowest student, or move at the pace of the best. Both extremes are useful to discourage a large percentage of students from applying themselves to their studies.

    By the 60’s the difference between history books in the school’s own library and the mandated textbooks was clearly evident.
    A look at school tests over the past century or so, is enlightening.

  9. What do you want to bet that in about 10-15 years anyone who can do math in their head and comprehend complex theory and interactions will be viewed as some sort of Devil Incarnate and stoned to death?

    Don’t worry about Zombies being created with some sort of mass chemical attack, we’re breeding them in our urban centers, and those will become even more dangerous than the TV and movie versions.

  10. I’m going with mostly 85 IQ AA hires standing in front of mostly 70-75 IQ attendees and trying to keep from being shot or stabbed for the next hour or so.

  11. – No memorizing the addition and multiplication tables.
    – Create a totally confusing process and grade following the process, not getting the right answer.
    – There are no ‘right’ answers.
    – Classes being run by the least mathematically literate major
    – and shaming students who do well as ‘being white’

    If you can see two steps down a functional chain you are already a magician.

  12. Well, I guess this proves the “New World Order” isn’t for those that can put 2+2 together and get 4.
    Which dovetails perfectly with WEF monetary math.

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