4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Roque Planas

  1. Apparently FL is considering it. Let’s hope the local people don’t screw it up again; from what I understand FL gun people have a long track record of doing the wrong thing with respect to lobbying.

  2. It’s a large milestone. When the communist talk of democracy and gun control, one can point to the fact that more guns equals less crime.
    With 25 states and growing as proof.
    It also opens up the left to farther ideological debasement as to what else have they been 100% wrong on?
    Factually, morally, and legally. Your wrong on guns. What else might you also be wrong-headed on?
    Thanks Joe!
    We need a meme of you pointing his gun fingers at that headline with the caption; I did that!

  3. The number of States with either permitless carry or shall-issue permitted carry is already a majority. The number of Americans with either should be a majority also. Anybody run those numbers?

  4. Good but the question is where can they carry guns. Gun free zones are still prevalent and in some places expanding.

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