Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

Wokeness doesn’t exist above a certain IQ level.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on December 12, 2022
[Interesting observation.—Joe]


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  1. If only that it were so. Unfortunately it’s a great sound bite but does not reflect reality in my experience.

    A side effect of being highly intelligent, is being very very good at rationalizing one’s actions and desires to one’s self. Once wokeness has been embedded as part of the self-image of being a “good person?” Any change is probably going to have to come from within, and that can take a lot of time and unpleasantness.

  2. I’d have to disagree with Scott Adams, here. High IQ hasn’t been particularly effective in fending off wokeness because the higher IQ people can better perceive how they have to play the game. Then they either consciously act woke to preserve their social status, or they swallow the whole thing and it just becomes part of their internal model of how the world works. University credentialing, which is commonly associated with higher IQ, has been very good in indoctrinating people to not have the critical thinking skills to see the rottenness at the core of wokeness.

    At the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law, the Third Reich had plenty of support from medical doctors, scientists, professors, etc. Universal Healthcare, a plank of the national socialist party platform, meant guaranteed employment and status for the doctors and nurses. The Reich was very willing to fund higher education and scientists, as long as they were researching in the approved directions and reach the right kinds of conclusions. The ones who were Jewish, or had inviolable principles, were the ones that fled when they could or lost their jobs, and everyone else was looking at a good, regular payday.

    Perhaps Scott Adams would be on firmer ground to say that people can’t exhibit the effects of high IQ above a certain level. They may have a 150 IQ, like @tkdkerry’s brother, but they’re going to be crippled to performing generally like a 110 IQ person because they have acquired fundamental flaws in their mental processes.

    Wokeness is a lazy cop-out, and once your train of though goes down one of those rotten woke spurs, your chances of doing anything productive pretty much evaporate in a flurry of ineffective virtue signaling. It’s especially prominent in the less intelligent, where you can see them hit the conclusion of “racist!” and all further mental effort stops. Well, if the 90 IQ person hits “racist” and stops, and the 150 IQ person hits “racist” and stops, how is the 150 IQ person functionally any different than the 90 IQ person? Is it that they stopped and then spun in mental circles accumulating more and more self-referential justifications for why they are right and good and better that you?

    • There is a greater context to this one tweet. He said that, essentially what you describe, there are a lot of CEO type people he has talked to who are secret conservatives. They play the game to avoid the harsh consequences but don’t believe the crap they have to put up with from the political left.

      • So, some very intelligent people are just riding the good life at the expense of those around them. And the system at large? Even their own grandchildren?
        Very short sighted for an “intelligent” person wouldn’t you say?
        Jesus told us about the unjust judge and the widow woman.
        I guess he was right again.
        The good part is knowing how easy they are to intimidate.

  3. I’ve known very high IQ people that have drank themselves to death. And basically OD because they were bored or something. Whatever the reasons, it was obvious their intellect wasn’t able to rise them out of that evil.
    Being intelligent does not slow one from acts of stupidity. Reason and logic can only take one so far in this world. And brainwashing of/from youth is real.
    Wokeness can and will rear it’s ugly head from any source. Just like evil. For us to exclude persons with high IQ from suspicion is to blind oneself. And invite being blindsided.
    And I would posit the wokeness we see on the street is being invoked by some very high IQ’s that were allowed to collect to much power, money, and control.
    Evil is exciting and funny if your not the one suffering it. And that’s the IQ trap if your not smart enough to know there’s always consequences.
    Look around, something very intelligent made this place very hard for a reason. And the real test of IQ is observed reality and adaptability.
    Chris Langan is where he is, and acts the way he acts for a reason. Same with Vox Day.
    Something a lot of high IQ’s miss, or just won’t entertain.

  4. Met plenty of people who could score genius or better on most IQ tests who don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain. In reality IQ tests are only good at measuring the capabilities of people who are average…at best. And plenty of ‘woke’ people are intelligent…..but sorely lacking in common sense.

  5. Isn’t it more like Wokeness is most likely to exist above a certain level of education?
    It certainly is present in great excess in secondary and post secondary education.
    Wokeness has all the earmarks of a religion, and it reminds me of an old country song with the line, “If you can’t preach brother, without going to school, you ain’t no preacher, you’s an educated fool . . . You’d better change your way of living before the Good Lord says, ‘That’s All.'”

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