Quote of the day—Gary Kleck

You can’t understand any significant aspects of the gun-control debate once you eliminate defensive gun use. It becomes inexplicable why so many Americans oppose otherwise perfectly reasonable gun-control measurements. It’s because they think it’s gonna lead to prohibition, and they won’t have a gun for self-defense.

It’s not complicated.

Gary Kleck
December 15, 2022
Emails Show CDC Removed Defensive Gun Use Stats After Gun-Control Advocates Pressured Officials in Private Meeting
[Before you get involved with a debate with someone about the CDC removing defensive gun stats from their website insist they answer a different question first. Why is the Center for Disease Control involved with private gun ownership?

Private gun ownership can be a legal issue. In this case the courts and/or the Department of Justice might have valid reason to weigh in on it.

If you want to push the envelope, gun ownership can related to criminal statistics and the FBI collects the data on that.

But the CDC? They have a long and dirty history of conspiring to deprive citizens of their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. They need to stay in their lane or plan on enjoying their trial.—Joe]


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  1. Why? Because politicians think of gun owners as plague bacilli, or something like that.

    I can’t understand what Gary Kleck is trying to say. I think of him as one of the really good guys, but that quote doesn’t make any sense in that way.

    • I think I get what he’s trying to say, but it’s not very articulately stated.

    • The way I understand it is that once you eliminate self-defense evidence from the gun control debate people new to the topic cannot fathom why people oppose severe restrictions on gun ownership. For the CDC to remove this data from public view was to take a side in a very big way.

  2. As we saw in the last few years, the CDC is on board with violating civil rights outside of the Second Amendment, too.

    They are an organization full of narrowly specialized experts.
    Talk to any of them for just a little while, and you’ll find that they truly believe the world would be better a better place if it was run by experts. Them, specifically.
    In this utopian, self-serving belief system, the ordinary people should do what they are told.

    There’s a problem with that view: the ordinary people have begun to see those “experts” as idiots. Oh, the experts are very knowledgable within their specialty. But too many of them can’t operate a screwdriver, or change oil in their car, or manage a work schedule, or keep up with basic business logistics, or just have the common decency to show up on time.

    The problem with the vast majority of experts is that their expertise is deep, but their ignorance is VAST. They have no wider perspective. People that live real lives with real limitations, pressing needs competing for limited time, money, effort and attention, can see in an instant why an expert’s plan is unbalanced. The experts can’t understand the resistance: isn’t every problem a species of nail, and they have the toolbox full of various hammers?

    • The real problem is that as Will Rogers said, there is nothing more ignorant than an educated man outside of his area of education.
      If the common man is an idiot, what keeps these well-educated people from being idiots outside the field of their education?
      Experts are for advice. The people responsible have the obligation to hear their advice and use it to make the decisions of daily life. That does not always entail following that advice.

  3. If Kleck wanted to be more specific, he might have mentioned that people may want to hang onto their guns to prevent further infringements of personal rights BY THE CDC! We already had vaccination and mask mandates for Covid. But those could become even more egregious the next time around. Enemies foreign and domestic don’t necessarily need to be jackbooted thugs marching down the street – they might also be dressed in Level A moon suits, wielding barricades, and clubbing cherished pets to death (witness China). How many Chinese citizens would be essentially under house arrest if they had the capability of voting from the rooftops about quarantines?

  4. Well, being an idiot that is convinced everyone else is a moron.
    My .02 is that they take the money to provide a certain result. By any means/lie necessary. And just don’t care about anything else but themselves.
    By changing the argument to “guns”, one has already moved away from the real problems core. And into a communist agenda side argument.
    This is a people with low impulse control problems, in very specific areas. And has almost nothing to do with guns.
    So why would anyone give the CDC’s argument a second thought? When all the experts can’t even identify the problem? Or what needs to be studied?
    It’s all just another heap’in help’in of communist criminality.
    The CDC studies says; should be considered the opening line for a bad joke at a party full of drunks. And nothing more.
    Good on Gary for pointing out professional liars found another way to lie.

  5. They seem to think we can’t see what has happened in other parts of the world.
    The gaslighting never stops.

  6. Democrats specifically funded the CDC to produce gun related reports. It’s wrapping gun control propaganda in a white coat.

  7. Went to the doctor a few years ago for an annual physical. The doc started asking a bunch of questions from a sizable list. They were all health related until he got to “Do you own any guns?” I stared at him for a long while and once he was uncomfortable, I asked, “How is that related to my health?” His answer was simply that it was on the list of questions he had to ask. I told him he could ask all the gun related questions he wanted but since I didn’t see how they related to my health and he could not explain why the questions needed to be answered that he would not be getting any answers. He never brought up the questions again. I am sure there is a footnote somewhere in my medical records that I will never see that indicates I am someone who needs to be watched.

    The Leftists think that if they can shift the discussion of firearms to a health related issue, then they can have more unquestioned influence because after all, doesn’t everyone want to be safe and healthy. Just look at the inroads they made with Covid-19 on denying and abusing individual rights and liberties. Same plot, different movie.

    • That’s when you smile and say; No, not me doc. Those things are dangerous. So dangerous I’m surprised they let the government have them.
      As my Glock drops out on the floor when I drop trow for the prostate exam.
      Thanks for the head’s up Powerwagon, I got to go for my annual soon.

      • When this business of doctors asking about guns first surfaces about 6 years ago or so (I’m not sure about the year, it wasn’t that important to me then), someone produced a statement regarding guns for the doctor to sign, attesting to his training both in firearms, the defensive utility of guns, psychological training and some other necessary training points to be able to ask pertinent questions. I had that immediately to hand about three weeks ago, and once I find it again, I’ll share it with anyone who wants it.
        After all; one impertinent question by the doctor requires an impertinent response by his patients.

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