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  1. It is my understanding that no copy of the neanderthal “y” chromosome survives, suggesting that it is incompatible in some way with modern human dna. Thus, at least half of any such attempts should fail outright. It also suggests that any such attempt should be impossible, since the ‘y’ chromosome is involved in the production of sperm. (guess you could stumble on some frozen somewhere, but I would expect that to be degraded enough to require an awful lot of guesswork.)

    • You don’t need a Y chromosome to have a viable embryo. You don’t even need two X chromosomes. In fact, this is what causes Turner syndrome (monosomy X) in about 1 in 5000 children.

      • To my knowledge, you *do* need a ‘y’ chromosome to have a viable sperm cell. (the genetic information describing how to produce a sperm cell is partially in the Y chromosome)

  2. Ethics in science has almost always taken a back seat to money.
    Why would it be any different in this situation. There is ALWAYS
    somebody somewhere who goes “why the hell not”. That is why
    we have Sarin Nerve gas, nuclear warheads that can obliterate
    civilization and numerous bio weapons that could decimate society
    if released…..accidentally or otherwise. We are a CLEVER species.
    NOT an intelligent one.

  3. I would say no, it isn’t ethical. It is no more ethical to do this than it is to breed people for any experiment.

    Not only that, but I saw planet of the apes, and I believe that this is exactly how you get there, meaning that playing with things like this frequently has ramifications and unintended consequences. Scientists do things like this without thinking through all of the possible ramifications.

    • “Scientists do things like this without thinking through all of the possible ramifications.”

      Kinda like politicians….

  4. I’ve never heard of that particular question but it might part of a larger question of whether in vitro fertilization itself was ethical.

    • Initial data on IVF with any vaxx recipients shows a 100% failure rate if either one had the shot.

        • There is speculation that these thing are *highly* volatile, and degrade quickly as they approach room temperature, so results might differ geographically with the way the substance was treated. Further, published data from Japan strongly suggests that there are multiple *different* formulas (contain different elemental compositions), which leads some to speculate about “control groups” via placebo.

          • This was unlikely to have been a placebo. The mother has allergies to many things. This apparently includes something in the “vaccine”. She ended up in the emergency room…

  5. Never did much Sunday School, but I’m reasonably sure that the mating with primates was not part of the stories discussed. Or the ethics thereof.
    Try drag queen story hour for the beastiality stuff.
    And what, not enough monkies throwing crap around now?
    Or is it just trying to prove evolutions idea that humans came from primates?
    Evolutions dead-end.
    If one wants to drag God into this. The first question might be why he wiped them out in the first place? That way it doesn’t have to happen again. With possible collateral damage?

  6. Well, theoretically, were such an intact DNA sample available, the “my body my choice” pro-abortion / libertarian crowd would support the idea that a single woman has the right to allow any male she chooses fertilizer one of her ovum, assuming the prospective father doesn’t disagree. As he isn’t around to object (at least as far as we know :-/ ), it’s fine.

    From the other side of the spectrum, it’s obviously an abomination before God far worse than mere miscegenation, therefore “hell NO, burn for all eternity, THOT, for even contemplating it!”.

    As the available DNA evidence appears to indicate that it was, at least at some time in the distant evolutionary past, possible to have viable offspring after such a mating, regardless of the degree of voluntariness it was, it’s more than a purely theoretical action worth considering, as trans-human chimeras are certainly being worked on with modern DNA by someone, somewhere, just “because we can.”

  7. I’d say go for it. The outcome couldn’t possibly be any worse than AOC breeding with some other socialist stooge.

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