Applied Intelligence Mentorship Program

I recently received this. It was paid for by my employer:


I already knew something about most of the material covered. But it was nice to get a refresh and some additional information.

I keep thinking I should be able to apply this skill set to our advantage in the gun rights domain. I’ve even discussed it with people who work full time in the gun rights community. No good application is apparent to us.

Perhaps I just haven’t been looking at the issue from the correct angle. Thoughts?


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  1. With your background as a software engineer and experience working in the realm of “cyber security”. If you chose to slip off your white hat here and there, once in while, I would think you could be very effective in fighting against some of the online propaganda tools of those who urge the unconstitutional crushing of our liberty. It may be time for active measures in the cyber domain. Caution and circumspection are essential. Good hunting!

    • At my age, I have a lot to lose and little time to recover should things go wrong while wearing something other than a white hat.

      • Joe,
        I appreciate your sentiment. I can certainly relate. Just remember, none of us get out of here alive! General Stark, the Revolutionary War hero of the battle of Bennington said it best: “ Live Free or Die! There are things worse than death.”

      • Understand completely, but the word “mentor” is on that certificate (not clear if its context is “received” or “provided” or both).

        Whatever. Perhaps some mentoring of younger persons who possess The Proper Mindset and who do have sufficient recovery time might be a productive use of one’s time.

        I suspect there’s already a fair amount of that activity going on among the usual visitors here, in many different areas (for example, I have reason to believe Boomershoot was not created to remedy an insufficient quantity of lead particles embedded in a random Idaho field, but rather with Other Considerations in mind). And, in today’s environment some cyber-related activities can have output efffects that are multiples of input and there is rumor to the effect that you may have some inkling of how that stuff works.

  2. I’m a little long in the tooth for intellect mentoring. John Schussler seems to be in dire straits though. You might try mentoring his?
    Thanks for the kind offer!

    • This was my certificate of achievement after completing 80 hours of being mentored. I did not do any mentoring in the process of getting this certificate.

      That said, I have and am, mentoring others on my team in software development and threat hunting.

  3. Getting pro-gun candidates elected is critical.
    If you can help reveal the flaws in the vote-counting and election software, and be willing to testify to those errors and problems (either by “casual demonstration” or white-hat hacking or whatever), depending on the outcome of the current election I might have something in mind.
    Not just “2000 Mules” things, but more technical vote-machine software algo things.

  4. It would be a great start if you could figure out a way to the anti-gunners “Apply Intelligence” in their policy-making. They certainly don’t appear to be doing that now.

    • Be careful there. Knowledge and skills have “spillover” characteristics which lead to improvements in areas often unconsidered. For example, learning enough about chemistry and physics can lead to more understanding about isotopes and things like heavy water, and education about design and manufacture of internal combustion engines sometimes ends up with not just hydrocarbon-fueled transit buses in cities but armored tanks crossing borders.

  5. The key, I believe, is in the words “Mentorship Program”.

    Design a program of one-on-few instruction in the principles and practices of safe and accurate handling of firearms, with the stated secondary objective of developing mentorship skills in the students. This is objectified in the catch-phrase, “The most knowledgeable student in any discipline is the one that can teach the subject to others”, which is summarized in the phrase, “Be Smahtah” (T-shirts for sale at … ).

    Write a program consisting of blocks of instruction on particular firearms usage based around any of the commercially available “laser gun” home training devices (corporate sponsorship opportunities available!) teaching fundamental concepts of safe as well as accurate use of a firearm. This is followed by a course of more advanced training with .22 caliber firearms on a scheduled basis for the “care and maintenance” aspects of firearms usage. Heavy reliance should be placed upon existing publications (bought by the students) as such bear upon that level of personal training/experience.

    Purpose is not to form and fund a local club but to develop individual students into functional teachers (of the program materials at a minimum) themselves.

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