8 thoughts on “If you need a disarmed society

  1. The same guy that thinks anyone can be a farmer? For owning a news agency, he sure is clueless.

    • He’s the exemplar of the elitist snob.

      A multiBillionaire who is an actual finance guru, but stupidly let that success go to his head.
      He suffers from the cognitive bias that since he’s been so successful in one thing, he mistaken believes he’s competent with everything else.

      But he is clueless about a lot of everything else, and besides that idiotic statement about farming, if the even more idiotic interview, where he conflates semiautomatic guns with machineguns,
      isn’t convincing enough, nothing is.

      • Thanks for the link, Miles. But I’m old. And don’t have enough time left in life for the likes of that sawed-off idiot stick.
        Imagine having a heart attack and die listening to that moron? I’ve witnessed quite enough social autism in my life.
        I just can’t risk it brother. But thanks again!

  2. What if, just for the sake of argument mind you, I were hunting communists? The Washington Department of Fish and Game would refer to such a hunt as a “depredation hunt” (hunting not for sustenance or trophies but for the purpose of reducing the population of predators or other pest animals). Surely I’d need something on the order of a billion rounds if I were to make a dent in the infestation. I’d need a LOT of guns too, because a billion rounds will wear out thousands of them. If we narrow it down to only hunting active Jesuits, then I’d still need something like hundreds of thousands of rounds, I imagine.

    But OF COURSE, it is righteous self defense that has the Romish/leftist politicians worried, frightened, insulted and angry, because they know that they themselves are essentially organized criminals with titles. Therefore they MUST frame the argument so as to ignore the very concept of righteous and valid self defense. That’s why they so steadfastly maintained their blatant lies about the Kyle Rittenhouse affair. It was a clear-cut case of justified self defense against violent mobsters, and that, in and of itself, is a personal insult and threat to the leftist politicians and anyone who agrees with them.

  3. They don’t want to govern, they want to dictate. And kill anyone and everyone that gets in their way or even simply disagrees with them.

    There’s a good reason they want us disarmed. Because they want us dead. The guns tend to get in the way of that.

  4. Then there is the situation modeled in Compton, Calif. Compton was a fun, near 100% Black area with ~100 murders per year. The Authorities let the grifter pols escape. They then brought in a replacement Hispanic population (and their gangs) who targeted the Black gang-bangers. After a few “exciting” years, Compton was 70% plus Hispanic with almost no violent crime. In South LA, that process just involved moving the bangers to a nearby ghetto. The increased grift to the politicians and the increased profit to the property owners was worth it.

    In most US cities, that sort of replacement would require moving the ghetto people into the functional surround. If the “normies”
    , in the surround, are armed and act to defend their families and homes from the ghetto “refugees”, it might foil the whole repopulation scheme.

    .A direct takeover is so “Old Hollywood”. What do you think all those Illegals are for? Incoming!

  5. What if “needing” 30 rounds to hunt (disregarding applicable fish & game laws on the topic, for the sake of argument…I don’t know if Bloomberg even knows about those…) actually means I’m really, really good at hunting?

    Think about it…

    30 of anything would feed a pretty good crowd.

  6. Notice how they always jump straight to a conclusion that you should have to explain why you should have something?
    If I need???
    We don’t NEED anything. Not even a 30 rnd. magazine. The other thing that we don’t need? Is to explain ourselves to you. Or anyone else for that matter. About anything.
    It’s not about what one needs, wants, should or shouldn’t have.
    It’s nobody’s f–k’ing business what I own. Or the reasons I purchased it.
    Make it a habit in life to never explain yourself to assholes.

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