Canadian cattle

Just like a rancher dehorning their cattle to prevent them from hurting each other or their owner Canada does not allow people to carry knives for the purpose of self defense:

There are no limits on length. BUT, and this is a big but, the knife you carry must only be used as a tool (a.k.a. utility knife, hunting knife WHEN HUNTING, etc.). As stated above it do not conceal or have the intent to cause harm; this includes self defense!

This law is about intent. This means if you’re caught with a knife that’s concealed on your person while in a location you don’t require a knife to be used as a tool, you may be in for a bad time.

Example, walking through a dark alley at night with a utility knife in your pocket for protection sounds like a good idea. However if an officer of the law stops you and finds it, they can easily conclude there is no other reason for you to have it except for the intent to cause harm to another person.

Furthermore, this also means you can be charged with assault with a weapon even when defending yourself. Why, because the intent to use it for such an occasion is there before you even stepped out from your house.

Having “solved” all the “gun violence” in their country this must be what they consider as “common sense” prevention of “knife violence”.


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  1. Minority Report here we come! Similar laws have been in place in several European countries for a while. We know how well that has worked in London with people being fatally knifed while simply walking outside. Also, chefs in Denmark for must notify police if they are moving their knives from their normal place of work to another location like a catered event. The libs here in the US had multiple melt downs when Rudy Jiuliani used Stop and Frisk in NYC to curtail violent crime. Seems that what matters is who controls the infringement, not that the infringement exists in the first place. Personally, I think all these types of measures are really just bait in the guise of public policy to provide an excuse for draconian measures against the great unwashed.

  2. And remember this only applies to people of the wrong race. In London we see Africans cutting people up all the time.
    Also, once you get arrested. What happens next also depends on your class protection status. As we watch the protected class walk right out of booking, back onto the streets.
    Let’s just hope the people they send to confiscate our weapons are as bold as the Uvalde PD!

    • Raw, warm Liver for the Protected Red of Fang and Claw.
      Too much watching of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins, I recognize the animals run down by the predator as getting their insides eaten out while they wait (for death to overtake them).

      If we’re talking about human beings, Eloi and Morlocks come to mind here.

    • To prevent the cows from being Raw, warm Liver for the protected Red of Fang and Claw when I was growing up in the 50s, the state had bounty on predicators. If memory servers me, a coyote was $15 dollars at a time when wages were less than a $1 per hour. I even remember seeing them being hunted down with planes. It was rare to even see one.

      And should a dog bother the cows, it too had the same fate. And if it was your dog, you understood and apologized.

      Even today, although the bounty is gone, there is neither a closed season nor bag limits for hunting coyotes in the state of Kansas.

  3. That attitude is pretty much what you find in all of Britain’s current and former lands. Astounding that they ruled so much, with such a degradation of culture so quickly happening. I know that in England they started loosing their manhood prior to WW1, and were toast by the end of WW2.

  4. And people wonder I won’t return to my country of my birth to live. The culture seems to codify helplessness, vilifies any independence except that the government sanctions, engages in unequal preferences for favored groups, censors free speech, pulls stuff that would get people thrown out of office, sued into oblivion or, if they persisted, shot.

    “Canada is so wonderful!” they say, “They have free healthcare and no guns.”. Idiots. Health care came out of my taxes and there are guns in Canada. Just a taboo subject. People would sooner discuss religion in public than owning firearms.

    Then I came here. If it wasn’t for family and friends I’d never set foot back in Canada except for the odd cruise. I want to visit, not live there and unlike a lot of spineless, unreliable celebrities and whiners who threaten to move there, I could be in Canada permanently at-will. I don’t and have been here for over 25 years and that ought to tell you something about where my loyalties and preferences lie.

    Can’t carry a knife for defense and your use can be second-guessed later? Typical Gestapo and Stasi thinking. Canadians really do like the fit of those jackboots. They really got into those with COVID. They would piss themselves around me as I have two pocket knives, a machete and guns within easy reach. Admittedly, the machete is a little overkill but it was on sale and I don’t trust my wife with outdoor power tools (she cut two cords with an electric hedge trimmer). She can hack the growth old-school.

    America changed me for the better. I am deeply concerned for the future of my nieces and nephews but there is little I can do to help them. My best friend from my hometown loves it here and would move if he could. He has to live vicariously through me.

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