Quote of the day—Lori Jane Gliha

What happens after a gun is used in a crime? The FOX31 Problem Solvers discovered that sometimes it can be complicated to track.

One handgun used by a teenager to shoot a police officer in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, in 2018 was traded with or sold to several other teens before a different man later used the weapon to shoot at a semi-truck driver in Aurora.

Evidence obtained by the Problem Solvers after both shooting cases were closed shows how a web of young people had access to the same gun, and that they used various methods, including Facebook, to get rid of it before it was linked to the crimes.

Lori Jane Gliha
May 12, 2022
How a gun used to shoot an officer went from teen to teen
[If only they had done the background checks like they were supposed to it wouldn’t have been so difficult track.

Or if they had obeyed the law and note purchased the gun was teenagers.

Or if they had obeyed the law against committing violent crimes.

It just shows us we need more common-sense laws to fix the problem.</sarcasm>

Gun control is not about public safety. It is about public control.

Respond appropriately.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lori Jane Gliha

  1. Ms.Gliha is surprised when teen criminals use social media to move guns around? She must have went to a private school. And been very sheltered in life? And wants some laws to stop it?
    As Fred Reed pointed out years ago. The illegal drug running system in America would make UPS/FedEx envious.
    She would never connect illegal everything with it?
    And kids being the target of social media, everything else they do would not involve that also?
    Just…..Damn. That much ignorance concentrated in one place might tear a hole in the time/space continuum.
    What makes it real funny, is that no matter who commits what crime. How they get prosecuted depends more on their race and politics.
    The Hammonds, a white, conservative ranching family, sets a backfire on 40 acres of BLM brush to save their winter range. From a fire the BLM set to burn their winter range, and put them out of business. And get 5 years federal terrorism charged and convicted. And without a pardon would have served every minute of it.
    Antifa burns a federal courthouse and doesn’t even get arrested.
    What Ms.Gliha don’t get is that law don’t count for much anymore. And those children with guns are real just a part of the useful idiot prize patrol.(Coming to streets near you.)
    And the only thing that really changes is how they carry.
    They go from Glocks under their hoodies. To driving around in Toyota hi-lux’s with 50 cals. Welcome to the new world order.
    And the phones being handed to all the fighting age males coming across our border. Is for what?

  2. If Ms. Gliha had come to the conclusion that any rational person already recognizes; that criminals do not and will not obey any gun laws, common sense or not, and then proposed eliminating restrictive gun laws that would only affect law abiding citizens and then focused on enhancing punishment for criminals who use guns illegally, I would have believed that her research has meaning. As it is, she has produced nothing more than a puff piece to give other irrational liberals opportunity to wring their collective hands as they propose more common senseless and onerous firearms regulations to be borne only by those who wish to live and function within a civilized society. If politicians keep pushing this crap; and prosecutors continue to refuse to effectively prosecute criminals; and judges continue to impose lenient sentences with ridiculous parole options; it won’t be long until there is no civilized society anywhere. As Joe has said, “Prepare accordingly.”

  3. It’s pointless to engage with gun grabbers. Some KNOW that laws do nothing to stop crime and they aren’t interested in stopping crime. They seek gun control because they seek the only thing that matters to them….CONTROL. The rest are quite simply TOO STUPID to grasp facts, logic or reason. They simply emote their way through life safely tucked into their little bubble of pseudo superiority over the rest of us. The need to be slapped and sterilized so their insanity ceases to spread.

  4. That one firearm was followed to multiple crimes should cause our policy makers to change their focus. One gun in the wrong hands does disproportionately more damage, so intensify efforts on the hands, not the guns.

    It also means that of the millions of guns available, even fewer of them are the tools of crime.

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