John Ross died

Via email from Stephen P.:

If you had not known already:

(Quote from Rawles’ Survivalblog)

“I was saddened to hear that pro-gun novelist John Ross passed away. He is of course remembered as the author of the very influential novel Unintended Consequences. Please say a prayer for his family members.”

I remember when the book came out in 1996… I was working at Microsoft and some members of The Microsoft Gun Club (as it was called at the time, I think it is now called Gun Club at Microsoft) referred to it as “The Bible” for gun owners. It is an extremely influential book. While it could have used a good editor to reduce it by at least a third I still recommend reading it.

In 2004 I sent Ross an email inviting him to Boomershoot 2005 and he called me to discuss it. There are a few QOTDs by him and other references to him on this blog as well.

Update: Michael Bane also has some things to say about John Ross.


3 thoughts on “John Ross died

  1. John’s circle of acquaintances was vast. Well before UC was even an idea, we had done business, as he had a SOT and I bought an M16 from him back in ’88. He also provided some advice on another NFA purchase years later.

    We conversed occasionally as he was a force to be reckoned with, being a Missouri Democrat in the fight for concealed carry and later permitless carry along with non-FFL NFA legalization in Missouri.

    He will be missed.

  2. He will be missed. Especially in the difficult years ahead.
    Fair winds be yours, neighbor. Rest in peace.

  3. What a shame. May he rest in peace, and his family be console for such a loss.

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