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This is the same Joe Biden, after all, who orchestrated a catastrophically mismanaged surrender of Afghanistan to ragtag nomads with small arms.  Moreover, one would think that a man who came of political age during the Vietnam War would possess a better working understanding of the value of small arms in fighting off a far superior military.  Then there’s the American Revolution itself, in which patriots with small arms defeated the world’s most powerful military. 

But here’s the most bizarre aspect of all. 

The White House concedes that Biden personally interrupted delivery of 28 Polish MiG-29 fighter jets repeatedly requested by Ukraine in its desperate fight for survival.  According to his logic, supplying Ukrainians with deadly small arms, antitank weaponry and other deadly devices are far more effective against the Russian military than advanced fighter aircraft.   As reported by Politico, the Biden Administration determined that, “the warplanes wouldn’t materially improve Ukraine’s chances.”

Timothy H. Lee
March 17, 2022
Biden Supports Gun Rights – Just Not for Americans
[Via email from PKoning.

You might conclude rational thinking is outside the area of expertise of anti-gun people. The evidence does support that hypothesis. Another hypothesis, also supported by the same data, is that they are liars who will say whatever they think will work to achieve then objectives and at least one of their objectives is to disarm their intended victims. That would be us.

Respond appropriately.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Timothy H. Lee

  1. “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates”

    Joe Biden and his handlers have shown Creepy Joe is a world leading idiot on a number of subjects. Security, economy, the Constitution, energy, foreign policy or the environment, the current President can come up with the wrong answer 99 out of 100 times.

    But at least we don’t get mean tweets.

    • And what Trump policy didn’t Biden throw out his first week in office?
      How many executive orders in the first few days?
      Why go along with a disaster unless your just an idiot too?
      Biden didn’t HAVE to do anything Trump arranged. Why this one?
      They all lie because there are no consequences for their actions or words.
      When Jenn Psaki feels comfortable enough to say that illegals don’t have to be vaccinated because they don’t plan on staying in America. But you do?
      Is that Trump’s disaster or Biden’s? Won’t matter soon.
      The truth is that when government finds a comfort level in that brand of stupid lies. We no longer have a functioning government. Nor a serviceable system to work in.
      Act accordingly. While you can.
      Gazprom just turned off the energy valve on the western world’s economy.

        • Nord-stream pipeline?
          Remain in Mexico?
          Need I go on?
          Untie the rope buddy. Quit sounding like Jenn Psaki. Trump ain’t the president. Stolen election, remember?
          Biden’s the meat-puppet now.
          And were about up to Hoot’s dictum time; “Once that first bullet goes past your head. all that politics and shit go right out the window.”

        • The distinction is that we can agree that you will park my car. That doesn’t mean I agreed you could park the car as if you dropped a beaker of acid in your lap just before you leaped out of the car

        • Quite apart from that, as I understand it the original agreement was conditional, and the conditions the terrorists agreed to had been violated all over the place by the time Biden came along. He chose to ignore that and proceed anyway; that was his decision at his discretion and he owns the consequences.
          And in any case, even supposing that a withdrawal needed to be done, that doesn’t excuse doing it incompetently.

  2. Biden didn’t do any of this….other than rubber stamp somebody ELSES decisions.
    He’s a puppet. He doesn’t think for himself. He has trouble mouthing the words others write for him. EVERY thing that has happened since he infested the White House has been SOMEONE ELSES ideas.

  3. Yeah, it’s not that he doesn’t understand. It’s that he’s on the wrong side. Never forget it, else you’ll be forever confused.

  4. Look at the media and Biden response to them handing AKs out if a back of a truck to everyone.

    Nations fall when the court cares more about foreigners than its own people. This has been a rule if all of recorded history.

  5. As I understood it, transfers of Military equipment from NATO Countries to Ukraine had to go through Germany for approval.
    How can biden stop Poland from sending Jet Aircraft?

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