EPA approved releasing two billion mosquitos


Scientists have been playing god with mosquitos for a couple of years now. Back in 2021, British company Oxitech released 750 million lab-modified mosquitos in Florida. Now, the company is gearing up to release another 2 billion genetically modified mosquitos across more of Florida and in California as well.

The new species, codenames OX5034, is made up entirely of male mosquitos. The new species is derived from the Aeses aegypti family of mosquitos. Just like others the company has released, this new 2 billion should produce female larvae that die off before they reach adulthood.

Despite its size, the mosquito is the world’s deadliest animal. That’s because this insect can carry multiple deadly and disabling diseases. Oxitech’s derived its new species from one notorious for carrying Zika, yellow fever, and even dengue. Other species can spread Malaria, lymphatic filariasis, and West Nile Virus.

The male larvae do not die off and will continue to produce dead female offspring.

Expect some fragment of this to be incorporated into COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy claims.

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6 thoughts on “EPA approved releasing two billion mosquitos

  1. I am leery about gene-mod bugs of any sort in the wild. It is too unpredictable. We still get a lot of things wrong with much more closely controlled lab condition settings. Great theory, IF everything goes as planned… but it almost never does.

  2. The real plus in using Mosquitos is that you can control the area in which you deliver the virus.
    You drop them in an area, they will only bite, and die in that same small area.
    Couple that with a virus that only attacks certain genetic traits. Like the research that was being done in those Ukraine bio-labs.
    And you could wipe out all the people of a given race, in a very local area.
    Thats some real Dr. Evil grade shit right there.
    Remember, mosquitos are attracted to CO2. So, set up a propane burning mosquito trap. You can wipe them out of your whole neighborhood in short order.

    • Except Dr Evil was never that competent.

      Goldfinger, or maybe Blofeld (the old one, not the new one), now … those supervillains I would worry about.

      • As the Globohomo world order has proven. You don’t have to be competent to be evil. You can just hire it done.

  3. “ genetically modified ”

    It aint poot, droolin diaper joe, nancy the boozer, it isn’t the nukes, isn’t the guns, not the drunk drivers or the dopers, it aint globohomo zelensky….

    It’s these Ass Hats (genetically modified ) …
    These damn people WILL, be the death of us all.
    They think there so damn smart.
    And not A One of them could/can rein themselves in.

    Now I wouldn’t be Surprised AT All, if some how some where “The Clintons” are involved.

    Just cause ya god damn can…Does Not mean you should.

    I wonder how much they are Responsible for that we will never know about.
    You wanna talk about Regulation, NEW LAWS, Registration, Proper Training…or just plain NO!!! Never.

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