Options for father’s day

Barb sometimes hints that I have too many t-shirts or caps.

I would like to suggest to my daughters that if the correct selection is made I’ll find a way to sneak something into the closet. Here are some suggestions:

I found these via an email from Pete:

Hey there,

My name is Pete and I run a business called Eagle Six Gear – https://www.eaglesixgear.com/

Our mission is simple – to employ service disabled veterans and help them transition into the civilian workforce.

I really like your site and I was wondering if your readers would be interested in hearing about us?

I’d love to send you a hat or tee for you to review.

I’ll cover the hat and shipping…all I ask for is a review and a link back to our site.

Hopefully we’re a match and this works out!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I declined the free hat.


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