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The clearer the “memory” the immune system has, the more sophisticated the antibodies it can produce. According to new research, someone who’s had three exposures to the spike protein on the Wuhan virus via three doses of vaccine is capable of developing antibodies that can neutralize variants that didn’t exist when they were vaccinated, like Omicron. Just as the virus evolves in the wild as it passes from host to host, the T cells and B cells of someone who’s been boosted will generate more “evolved” antibodies.

And those T cells and B cells don’t fade in a matter of months like antibodies do. The latest data points to them lasting years, which means a person who’s had three doses might be equipped to avoid severe illness from the next serious variant to come down the pike even if that variant doesn’t arrive until 2025 or whatever.

February 21, 2022
New data: Protection from COVID boosters may last for years, avoiding need for fourth shot near term
[It seems to me the pandemic has focused a lot of attention on the immune system which resulted a rather rapid advance in the understanding of how it works and how to enhance it.

Two popular phrases come to mind:

  1. Every dark cloud has a sliver lining.
  2. Never let a crisis go to waste.

This mindset is applicable to many other situations.—Joe]


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  1. The focus on the immune system has been there for quite a while. The reason Operation Warp Speed was so successful is that the scientific pieces were on the table, waiting to be assembled or repurposed. Like much modern software, some of the testing was left to the users.

    For a good layman’s overview of the immune system, try:

    By Philipp Dettmer

    Don’t know that the illustrations will work on an e-ink Kindle.

  2. Although this virus has focused a lot of people on the immune system, I can hand you a science fiction book about Influenza being unleashed on a planet written in the 1970s that charts the ‘double wave’ of viral infection. It doesn’t get into the depths of how the immune system works, but it charts the outcome as seen in history time and again. We managed to make it worse by isolating large segments of the population from infection so that immune response was poor and uneven. Along the way, we’ve destroyed millions of people’s livelihood and generated hate and discontent for no good reason. The herd animal known as homo sapiens stampedes just as easily as a cattle herd.

  3. Let us pray things turn out well. The real problem is do we trust scientific theologians enough to replace what we already know to work?
    Sorry, I wouldn’t trust Bill Gates and friends to build me a new body. Mine works better than anything they can dream up. So does our immune systems.
    Colds and flu are really not a bad a thing. Yes, they can kill. But for the most part they clean your lungs and sinus. Allowing mucus to bind around dirt particles that can be ejected.
    And most people survive them just fine.
    Covid is not that bad. And it’s getting weaker. And was never that big a problem for 90% of people. My 93 year old mother, as well my 74 year old brother. And numerous other aged family members. Both vaxxed and not. All survived just fine.
    What we’re witnessing is the weaponize version of propaganda. And a huge transfer of wealth to the richest people on earth.
    And I’m sorry but they’re the ones running this research. I wouldn’t trust it any farther than I could throw Jeff Bezo’s yacht.
    Money, power, control. Use any two, to get the third.
    And right now, were all just Tyson’s chickens.
    Plan accordingly.

  4. So if three jabs is the miracle, why not four or more. How about a really embarrassing question? Why were the majority of Omicron patients already vaccinated? That quote, without providing substantive evidence, as in peer reviewed studies or even simple unedited data, sounds more like a propaganda clip to me. Seems like anything can be acceptably said if it keeps the Gov’t/ Pharma narrative alive.

    • So allow me to clarify something. The issue with the current preferred treatment is primarily with it narrow focus on two spike proteins that can relatively easily and quickly be mutated by nature. This is a Coronavirus after all and hence one of the most mutable viruses in nature. That is what has led to the inefficiency of the inoculations in terms of reinfection and susceptibility to variants. For a disease impact on par or less than the seasonal flu this has all been way over blown. The effect of the virus and the effect of the inoculation have both been irresponsibly reported. In 1976 a similar hue and cry was raised over a flu variant. The government responded in dramatic fashion but after about 40 deaths attributed to the vaccine, the program was halted. There was no large outbreak as a result. In this case, paranoia rules supreme and you can be “cancelled” just for asking questions.
      By the way, I got Covid, later got the inoculation when it was available and then got Covid again. Yep, works every time.

  5. Yes, it appears that progress has been made just like most human endeavors (otherwise they quietly go into the dust bin of history). And therein lies a problem. The first subjective 90-95% in a domain are achievable, but those last percents are all but impossible because life is NOT a machine. At some point chaos enters the domain and predictability and progress becomes impossible beyond limits.

    Remember the secrets of life in the 90s. Once we decoded DNA, we would change the world. By early 00s it was clear that it would do no such thing. Remember UW and their COVID modeling efforts? Did they help or hurt? And as to the topic of antibody generators that we called a vaccine and forced on our citizens, is it more effective than omicron at developing resistance and heard immunity.

    Adding to the uncertainties is our own thought processes which can be quite illusory. Remember early AI. There was great excitement about the ability to reduce a Doctor’s workload by entering your symptoms and conditions and getting a diagnosis. All we needed was the right language and machine to run it on. Where are the auto-docs today? Even simple tasks like automated blood pressure cuffs, while useful, still fail to replace the gold standard of a trained human. Likewise, you can find detailed flow charts of the glucose mechanism that looks like a machine diagram, yet we know that it does not really match reality. And then there are climate models that fail to fully account for the most potent greenhouse gas – H2O. With life, inputs simply don’t match outputs as unknown limits are approached. After a time we call the worst of these systems GIGO.

    Life is NOT a machine. We think we’re so modern that we can solve any problem that comes along. We think that if we can dream it then we can do it. I would suggest that previous generations understood that life is not a machine better than we do – they at least had concepts of the unknown and unknowable represented by their deities whether for good or bad. I would also suggest that our progress has negative effects as well. Is dying from cancer after 5 years of ‘successful’ treatment bordering on torture while knowing that you are dying, really progress?

  6. Meanwhile, Moderna patented part of the gene sequence in covid 3 years before the pandemic.
    I’d be more than a little skeptical of research that only looks at one part of the puzzle. They are ignoring the evidence for strong and long-lasting natural immunity. Also Natural Immunity Wasn’t Just Stronger Than Vaccine Protection Against Delta — It Was Six Times Stronger.
    The downside is that it’s also nuking the immune system in general, and will likely cause a huge surge in cancer rates.
    Not taking it. Eventually, the people pushing this will be tried for crimes against humanity.

  7. If you believe ANYTHING called “research” regarding vaccines or the immune system these days give me a call. I’ve got some prime ocean front real estate in
    Nevada I can give you a good deal on. EVERYTHING you hear from ANY media source about the subject is to be considered a lie till proven otherwise. Nothing we’ve heard for the past two years has actually been “science”.

  8. Lower Risk? https://openvaers.com/index.php more than half of all vaccine deaths ever reported to the VAERS are now from the Covid mRNA vaccines.

    Huh. I had links in that response that didn’t come through. They appeared when it was still editable. huh. Odd.https://www.naturalnews.com/050582_nagalase_GcMAF_cancer_industry_profits.html

    Science, big science and particularly pharmaceutical science, has become very corrupt because of the money involved. think tobacco-cancer studies on steroids.https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/covid-vaccine-scientific-proof-lethal/
    They make MASSIVE bank on vaccines, and even more on treatments for the long-term side-effects of them.https://www.amazon.com/Dissolving-Illusions-Disease-Vaccines-Forgotten/dp/1480216895
    Short summary of part of it: https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/the-smallpox-pandemic-response-was?r=mst2y&utm_source=url
    Also recommend https://www.amazon.com/Real-Anthony-Fauci-Democracy-Childrens/dp/1510766804


    I expect the deaths will be from a lot of things, a general increase in all-cause mortality. I’d expect the CDC to try to hide it, burry or falsify stats. But life insurers are starting to report significant increases in payouts. https://www.thecentersquare.com/indiana/indiana-life-insurance-ceo-says-deaths-are-up-40-among-people-ages-18-64/article_71473b12-6b1e-11ec-8641-5b2c06725e2c.html

    I really hope I’m wrong. And perhaps a treatment regimen will help mitigate the bulk of possible deaths. I’m not expecting that suddenly they turn on 5G and 200M Americans keel over. It’ll be a lot of background “died suddenly” and “has cancer” like two of my brother’s long-time and healthy (vaxxed) friends who should be in a low-risk group suddenly getting leukemia and a heart/blood cancer.

    An easy bar to hit, in my mind, is that by the time this is at least sort-of-over we will see more than a million excess deaths that are from the vaxx, when you include the sudden surge in cancers and things that are likely caused by the vax but not proven in court. 5 oz silver?

    • Doesn’t matter what’s proven in court. Big Pharma was given legal, “immunity”, remember?
      Thats about as ironic as it gets. And should have been our first clue.
      Vax mandates are another thing. That’s Nuremburg. Nuremberg was a government operation. On this one the Nazi’s are still in power. They ain’t going to hang themselves.
      After the massive transfer of wealth and power to global elites. We see them starting WWIII to cover it all and the great Keysian economic reset.
      Were still haggling over last year. Just like they want.
      The new trick, Mitt just mentioned yesterday. Not getting in line with the new narrative means your a Russian traitor.
      After seeing what happened to the Jan.6 tourists at the capital?
      Were all set up for the next phase.
      Y’all best keep your silver. The money system is about to go bye, bye.

      • However… that immunity is void if fraud is proven. Which will happen. Not as soon as I’d like, but it will.

        How can anyone claim with a straight face that more than a 1000 dead bodies from the vax in the first 90 days is “safe” when just 53 dead after 70 million doses was enough to shut down the Swine Flu vaccine? How can they claim “effective” if you can still catch it, get sick from it, transmit it, and die from it? The fraud will be proven, but not before Biden and co are out of office.

        • How’s that working out for us in the president of the US right now?
          How about foreign-born Obama?
          Unprosecuted fraud has been the mainstay of government for the entirety of our lifes. If not human history itself.

    • I accept your bet of 5 oz of silver. By March 1 of 2027?

      I’ve created a blog post which goes live then to reminds us.

  9. And I should buy into this “scientific” research because…..

    Allow me to don my devil’s advocate hat. Isn’t it interesting that this “research” coincides neatly with the “powers that be” trying to convince people they still need a “booster” shot even though the virus appears to be on the wane? Especially after months of being told we’ll probably need a fourth shot, a fifth, ad infinitum.

    Smells a bit fishy to me. Smells a bit like Pfizer et. al. trying desperately to keep their cash cow from drying up.

    But that’s just me, I’m no scientist. I’ve just one of the many people who’ve lost trust in those who claim the title.

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