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For far too long our city has essentially ceded Third and Pike to criminal enterprises and it’s time to put these people out of business. We need urgent action to get rid of the illegal activity in this area before more people are hurt and more lives are impacted.

Downtown Seattle Association
January 19, 2022
Notorious Seattle intersection in spotlight after recent shootings
[This is on what Barb and I call “Mug Me Street”.

On Second Street just south of Pike, a little over a block away, is a Target store. The shoplifters hit them multiple times a day and the local communists admire the thieves:

John Ray Lomack is a prolific shoplifter who is charged with brazenly stealing a 70″ television from Target. It was all caught on video surveillance. Kreig thought it was pretty cool.

“You gotta admire the boldness of walking out with a box the size of a smart car,” Kreig wrote.

After learning Lomack was released on his own personal recognizance, despite his nearly four-decades worth of criminal behavior, Kreig offered to buy light-on-crime Judge Kuljinder Dhillon a drink. Then she implies low-income and poor people are criminals and that Target will survive, so it’s no big deal.

We are going through the same transformation as was witnessed in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Downtown Seattle Association

  1. The real problem is that even after 2 years people keep thinking they can return it to some “normal”. And crime is the normal. Has been for years. From the criminals on the street to the criminals up at city hall.
    The good people of this world have excepted crime in all it’s versions for so long. Standard life and business will no longer be possible.
    Best make peace with the facts of life in occupied territory.

    • Joe, you wouldn’t be posting about downtown crime because it’s black history month, would you?
      Or was it just a Freudian slip?

      • I had no idea Black History month even existed. Where does it fit in the schedule of white, red, and yellow history months? And is there a blue (hair) history month too?

        • It’s Red History month, this month, too. And next month. And the ten months after that.

          As long as capital-H History is defined by what university faculty say it is, and the first draft of capital-H History is written by those in the media that have been filtered through the university gatekeepers, those Commies will make sure it is always deep Red History month.

          Someone, let me know when Hillsdale or Liberty University get to set the national conversation on history. Could we have a “Democides of Marxism” summer?

        • Not sure about blue hair month. But I’m sure their still arguing over wither LGBTQ is one month. Or each one gets their own month.
          No matter, it’s all just some more kwanzaa style marxist crap anyway.
          Until they start having Thomas Sowell parades. You know it’s all bullshit.
          Although Irish history month could be a real boon for the alcohol industry!

  2. Let the criminals control an area for long enough, and then you can declare something akin to “emergency powers”, or enact some special legislation that will never go away, to deal with it, and the ever-clueless “conservatives” will go along with it!
    Every. Single. Time.

    It’s brilliant if you ask me. Those “stupid”, “ignorant” and “childish”, even “moronic” leftists certainly do know what they’re doing, and they do it well! The frustrating part of this is that the left has been telling us all along exactly now they were going to pull this off. We didn’t stop them back when it would have been relatively easy, and therefore we are certainly not going to stop them now, when they hold all of the political, legal and military power.

    And so you can catalog and report our inevitable, total downfall, but whatever you do, don’t call the authoritarians “stupid” for having pulled this off, for generations running, right under our very noses, even after telling us in advance they were going to do it.

    • ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

      If that doesn’t absolutely nail it, then nothing has ever absolutely nailed anything.

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