Of course is it California

This was in the package with a recent purchase I made:


One might be inclined to give someone a pass on this if it were a label on something like a household cleaner with a pleasant smell. Or maybe even your gun oil. But I don’t think you would arrive at the actual produce even with a game of twenty questions.

It is a cell phone holster:


How many trees will be cut down, how much electricity will be used in the creation of those paper inserts, how much landfill space will be used, to save zero people from consuming the cell phone holster and causing a birth defect or have other reproductive harm? Anyone stupid enough to eat that piece of plastic is going to be too stupid to read and remember what the warning was about.

Of course it is California. It is not about saving lives. It is about exerting control and demoralizing the populace.


8 thoughts on “Of course is it California

  1. Do you re-load? I about died laughing the first time I saw the lead warning on a box of bullets about causing reproductive harm. Not a word on the dangers of high speed lead poisoning.

  2. ” to save zero people from consuming the cell phone holster and causing a birth defect ”

    It’s been a while since I heard a blonde joke. Since Joy Behar and Jen Psaki have made the scene, it’s been all redheads.

  3. It’s also an illustration of the risks of having an Initiative process for proposing and passing laws, as we’ve seen here in Washington. At least the legislature has some mechanisms in place to filter out some of the absurdity.

  4. Dude, have you not seen the warnings on dang near every single thing that’s ever made contact with Kalifornia? EVERYTHING causes cancer, according to them.

    Maybe it’s just that being a communist hippie causes cancer. It’d be justice, if so.

    • I have. But this was over the top from my previous samples. Who is going eat there cell phone holster and expect that was a healthy thing to do?

  5. It’s not the eating, they’re concerned that someone may start licking the case…

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