JPFO press release:

Even clean self defense puts you in dire jeopardy—


The only reasons for tension were outright lies by woke left

Acquitted on all counts—so he gets vilified by leftists and “news” media

   Too much happened for just another news release. How about a list:

  • The court system worked, video-obvious self-defense was exonerated properly
  • Leftist-led jury intimidation should be prosecuted, including “officials”
  • NOTE: Even with clear evidence of self-defense, you are very much on the line
  • If not for multiple dispositive videos Kyle likely would have been railroaded
  • Leftist reactions for months, and afterwards, exhibit derangement syndrome
  • Mass media has again proven itself a biased, prejudicial propaganda source
  • Reporting shows media hates guns, gun owners and even righteous defense of life
  • No one expects corrections for countless egregious mass-media errors
  • Everyone who cried guilt before the unanimous trial verdict should be ashamed
  • We the People got to see just how bad prosecutors can be, reprehensible
  • City riots were already on, leftists ran them, not Kyle, this is now clear
  • Claims of vigilantism, mass shooting, proven false—borne of media-fueled hysteria
  • A convicted felony child molester, out of jail, shot just before committing murder, is now hailed as hero and victim by media and leftists, this is crazythink.
  • If Kyle had not acted he’d be dead, no show trial, that must count for something
  • Judge advised court not to call the perps and rioters victims, a very good call
  • Gunfire in self defense is vindicated once again (14 cases OK’d by U.S. Supreme Court)
  • A dead criminal, shot in self defense by an innocent person, is not a victim, despite numerous almost uniform reporting otherwise by media in most cases
  • The left are still calling racism, with no ethnic element involved, that’s deranged
  • So-called “news” stations keep spinning out of control, immune to reality, justice
  • Biden labeled this young man a white supremacist, clear slander, can he be sued?
  • Lawsuits should fall like rain against the slanderers, libelers, character assassins
  • Lawsuits needed to help tame the movement to destroy reputations shamelessly


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  1. The legal system in America is totally corrupt beyond description.
    Kyle was VERY fortunate there was a TON of videos all of which
    showed HE was the victim and the people shot were violent aggressors.
    The existence of that video was and is irrelevant to politically motivated
    prosecutors. This trial was a text book example of a witch hunt.
    There is no peaceful solution to the problems ‘We The People” face.
    The criminal leftists are in power and control more than 90% of the
    government structure. This means that rule of law is dead. What we
    have now is rule by force…..the only language the left understands or
    will listen to.

  2. Perusing this, and other post-Rittenhouse reports, I would like a well-founded and rational person to calmly, carefully and rationally explain to me in simple, factual terms, how we get out of this without either a revolution or willful subjugation to those who would be our masters.

    And by “revolution,” I mean a “shit-through-a-goose, balls to the wall, scorched earth terrain-scrubbing and landscape eradication revolution that leaves nothing standing in its wake” revolution.

  3. Rumors that Rosenbaum’s family is preparing a civil suit against Rittenhouse.

    Maybe a preemptive lawsuit by Rittenhouse against his family is in order.

    Plus Jump Kick Man and Ziminski, as well as Huber and Grosskreutz.

    Make the families of the dead assailants regret having raised them. Make the living assailants regret having been born.

    • Saw some discussion on that over on Legal Insurrection.

      The problem they have is that Rittenhouse does not have deep pockets, not compared to, say, the city of Kenosha (Grosskreutz was going to sue the city).

      Worse, any civil suit opens a nice big door for discovery. They could find themselves on the receiving end of a counter-suit.

  4. We should be looking carefully into how it was decided, and by whom, and under influence from whom, that Kyle should be prosecuted at all. First crime is the systematic instigation of the riots in general, but then the prosecution of K. R. is another crime, in and of itself. Will we ever get to the bottom of it? Will we ever untangle the web behind it and bring the perpetrators to justice? No. We won’t.

    But this is nothing even remotely new. We now have exactly the same relationship between “right” and “left” in America as has existed for generations between so-called “Palestinians” and modern Israel, perpetrated by the same people and organizations. That’s been going on since what, 1947-48? You think this will be any different here? It won’t.

    It is clear that the left in general, including mass media, members of Congress, and the POTUS, along with their comrades in industry, “science”, “education” and religion, are fighting a war against the founding of the U.S., against the West as a whole, and most specifically, and pointedly, against every clause of every law of the Decalogue. Beyond a few stern words and gestures, Republicans are basically absent, and, as in your bullet points above, will refer to wanton and blatant, systemic lying and instigation of violence as mere “error”, or “incompetence” and so on.

    So long as we’re never really quite able, nor willing, to define this enemy as an enemy (much less prosecute it), our failure as a free nation and as a people is guaranteed.

    Romish-leftist instigation and organized violence is not “error”. They’re doing it knowingly and purposefully. They’re carefully planning and coordinating it, and getting the desired results. I know it’s extremely difficult, programmed as we all have been all our lives, but please, STOP CALLING IT ERROR!

    We are the ones in error for not seeing what has been, and is being, deliberately and systematically done to us by our so-called “servants” and for not understanding our Protestant history. Therefore, unless something changes very drastically in terms of our knowledge, understanding and perception, we will certainly become yet another fascist, authoritarian, pagan, totalitarian system reminiscent of Ancient Rome and the Dark Ages. But this time the powers-that-should-not-be will have all the power that modern technology can give them and all the authority of global consensus. Won’t that be fun?

    I don’t say these things with the hope of changing the trajectory of history. I believe I know pretty well, without knowing the specific details along the way, where this is going and I am convinced that nothing and no one on Earth is capable of stopping it, even if they wanted to (and virtually no on wants to, really).
    But how would it look if no one ever tried to warn you?
    Right, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

  5. ” We now have exactly the same relationship between “right” and “left” in America as has existed for generations between so-called “Palestinians” and modern Israel, perpetrated by the same people and organizations. That’s been going on since what, 1947-48? You think this will be any different here? It won’t.”

    There are 330 million people in the United States, and enough of them are still Americans to make a difference. I sense a changing of the mood in America; no idea how quickly it will change, or how deeply and broadly it will change, but it is changing. The Israelis have been playing patty-cake grab-ass with the “palestinians” since 1948; I don’t think Americans will be doing that with the left for very much longer – witness Virginia and what’s going on with school boards and local government – that’s starting slow, learning as we go and testing the waters. If the summer of 2021 starts looking like 2020 it’ll come even faster.

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