8 thoughts on “Not guilty on all charges

  1. As mentioned else where. He should have asked the judge for his gun back before leaving the courtroom.
    Could be he’ll need it1

    • Is he old enough now to have a pistol in his possession, custody or control? I remember something about adults having to be 21 before they can purchase or carry a firearm. That three-year period from 18 to 21 is of no concern to the anti-liberty and anti-human scum who think the Rittenhouse case was a miscarriage of justice.

  2. He’s truly lucky he missed the black, jump kick man. Twice. That would have given the commies what they really wanted.
    God bless him.
    P.S. Joe, maybe Kyle will give you a ride on his new yacht for all your support? You sure deserve it!

  3. A defensive victory is a victory and celebration is in order. But defense doesn’t win wars and we need to strike back against anti self defense media and politicians. I was glad to see Nick Sandmann show up to support Kyle. But there is much more to be done.

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