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  1. What is done with mad dogs?

    I don’t know you, but the way I see it, threats to life and limb require an appropriate response.

    Best Regards Charles.

    Jeff B.

  2. So much for live and let live, Johnny…..Yawn…… You got the talking part done, Jr.
    Step up, Or step the f–k off.
    Your pushing into my nap-time. Bitch.

  3. not to worry. he’s been shot in a bar fight a long time ago, with that winning personality.

  4. This is old hat. It’s right out of the Dark Ages of Roman rule, and of the Jesuit inner circle. It’s the stuff of every communist revolution, and it represents the current, dark corners of the mindset of millions. It is the mindset which says there are far too many people for the planet to sustain, and that the human race is a stain on an otherwise pristine, peaceful, pleasant and prosperous world. Therefore mass death is a desired feature for those of that mindset, not a bug.

    But one is given to wonder; who do they think is going to feed them, and maintain their infrastructure after they’ve wiped out the productive and principled? Who’s going to build and repair their houses, fix their plumbing, mine the ores for their increased goods, protect them from foreign enemies, and so on? Or do they figure that they can simply loot and plunder enough to get them through the rest of their lives, after which it will no longer matter? If history tells us anything, they’ve not thought these things through. Apparently they believe that mass slavery, of which they envision themselves being the masters, will be enough to keep the wheels of innovation and productivity running. It never is. And so they’ll repeat the ages-old cycle of revolution and conquest, relishing in the blood and pain, only to have their own ideologies turned against them, or to starve.

    As I’ve been saying, they do not fear nor resent the common criminal. They envy his bravado. When they talk of “safety” and “sustainability” they mean something altogether different from the way we would define it. They mean safely for the covetous, larcenist, rapacious way of life they’re building, and the sustainability of their power, and of their “freedom” from moral law.

    Of course the biggest danger to us, from such threatening talk (and its implimentation), is that we end up becoming just like them in response to them. And that’s the big trick of the ages, isn’t it? We end up hating them so much we become exactly like them. Thinking we’re the cure to the disease, we become the disease. The Scriptures have all the answers to that problem (and it is among the most ancient of problems on Earth), but of course in this enlightened age no one wants to take them seriously anymore. Therefore everything that is old is destined to become new again (again).

  5. To Charles Walz:


    I’m not impressed. So far you’ve proven that you can speak in complete sentences… and that you can talk trash about total strangers. Yawn.

    Let me know when you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is, big guy.

  6. Apparently the supply chain issues are affecting shipments of anti psychotic drugs as well as other things.

    • The link worked for me. But it was a far more complicated link than need be. I cleaned it up. Please try again.

      • Joke of the Day:

        A child molester, a domestic abuser and an armed thug walk into a bar.

        Kyle : This rounds on me.

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