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Our other elite wokists navigating around the revolution are even more cynical. The corporate and Wall Street capitalists feel that a little virtue signaling, showy diversity coordinators, and woke advertising will more or less buy off the latest version of Al-Sharpton-like shake-down artists.

Then there are the trimmers and enablers. These are the wealthy, rich, and the professional classes. They feel–in abstract–absolutely terrible about inequality, but hardly enough in the concrete to mix with the unwashed.

For them, wokism is like party membership in the late ethically bankrupt Soviet Union.
It is necessary for peace of mind and good income, but otherwise not an obstacle for the continuance of the privileged, comfortable life.

Victor Davis Hanson
October 1, 2021
Orwell And The Woke
[Emphasis in the original.

Listening to some of the corporate leaders at work I sometimes get cynical. I just don’t think they are really buying into some of this crap. Yet, they push it anyway. I presume it is just to pay off the shake-down artists. The alternative, they are too stupid and/or ignorant see the truth, is too discouraging to believe.—Joe]


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  1. I think this is a related idea…. From a recent F. Porretto blog post;

    “ And if Americans should snap, the reverberations will circle the globe. As Larry Correia and others have observed, we’ve got two and only two settings: Vote and Shoot everybody. Governments, law enforcers, bureaucrats, and activists should beware. Day by day we move ever closer to throwing that switch.”

    Last summer, I expected some sort of eruption as the mostly peaceful demonstrations of the Left met the traditional silent majority. I think the immediate tension has receded, but the underlying differences deepen and lay the groundwork for that moment when the “switch” is thrown.

    Jeff B.

  2. It seems one of the only things that overtakes ones sense of hypocrisy, is ones self-esteem. And the maintenance of one’s lifestyle.
    And it just so happens that going along to get along is one of the main drivers of communism. In us all.
    Couple all that with the point of propaganda being to make one feel powerless before the lies. And you get the modern American communist dystopia.
    The brainwashing is that these people are leaders, hero’s, and something to inspire one to be like.
    Mr. Hanson is correct. And reality tells us that shit-weasels will always shit-weasel. Count on it. And understanding it should be a major part of one’s survival plan in my estimation.

  3. Hanson pretty well just described Babylon (the world-wide economic, religious and political system). Couching his statement in the very limited scope of the current mainstream news cycle however, he skipped a couple of notable characteristics. One of those is Babylon’s decidedly hierarchical (authoritarian) structure. The other defining characteristic is a constant undertone of paganism, which is practiced, expressed, and peddled in myriad forms, and sometimes bubbles up to the surface, or forefront (because they can’t help it, because they love it so much, and because the power brokers all wish to be god kings).

    Of course it should be pointed out that coercion is always a goal and a key feature of the worldly system, and coercion goes part and parcel with the insatiable quest for more power. If coercion were somehow eliminated, the whole system would die on the vine in short order. Sometimes I think that, without any ability to coerce, some people would choke to death almost immediately as though asphyxiated, or they would be like Superman buried in Kryptonite, or like the Wicked Witch of The West having had water thrown on her. Coercion is their life-blood, and they’ll do absolutely anything, even throw away, openly and in full view, the last remants of their false credibility, to keep it going.

    “The kings of the gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so…” — Jesus Christ, from Luke 22. This statement blows away the entire structure, system, and founding pretenses of authoritarianism, and thus it invalidates Babylon (the entire world system and its leaders on both purported “sides”) completely. This, in a nutshell, is what we face. Jesus clearly delineates the two actual sides in the great controversy of this world, and declares and defines the right (and already victorious) side. All that’s left now is for the evil side to “fulfill” its “iniquity”, and, for those who would, to “come out of Babylon”.

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