4 thoughts on “Temporary safety versus essential liberty

  1. Although it couldn’t be added in the meme. What happens when the services degrade or stop for all those in the gage? As they always do.
    I’ll be keeping my guns. And what little freedom I have left.
    And yes, methinks Ben would highly approve.

  2. Yup, and if you were to open that cage, the caged lion would, likely as not, stay inside, afraid of the unknown world outside, preferring its known, but miserable and meaningless, life to the unknown life outside.

    That’s much of the world today already. Most people don’t want liberty, preferring instead the power and glory that they can readily perceive, a fantasy which emanates from within the system that’s enslaving them.

    Like a deadly, incurable disease; once contracted it’s a done deal. All that’s left is for the symptoms to play out until the sad end. It’s happened over and over, and this time will be no different except for its larger scale, high-tech support, and its totality.

    The “rebels” will fight for nothing but a different circumstance under which to die of the same disease. The various “sides” will fight one another, each willing to kill, or die, for a different version of the same thing. They have no choice— They know of no alternative. Every “way out” that they’re offered is yet another way in.

    Except for the Bible of course, but no one wants to be associated with that anymore, much less take the time to understand it. It carries too much stigma, it has too much societal baggage, and that’s too scary. No self-respecting rebel wants to be an outcast. And the Bible is old, and we all “know” that anything that’s old is bad, or dumb, and anyway, all the “smart people” (of the above described system, which is Babylon) say that the Bible is naught but hocus pocus and fairy tales, while they offer up their own fairy tales as superior, new, re-designed, sleek, sexy and exciting. And that’s more appealing than Book learning. And so there you have it. As I say, done deal.

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