Quote of the day—Chinese Communist Party

We will use nuclear bombs first, We will use nuclear bombs continuously. We will do this until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time.

Chinese Communist Party
July 19, 2021
China threatens to nuke Japan over Taiwan in video played on CCP-sanctioned channel
[We live in interesting times.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. The Japanese have everything they need to whip up a good handful of nukes in six months or less.

    The Chinese should be mindful of that.

    After all, the history between the nations has been less than harmonious.

    Jeff B.

    • Hard for me to imagine that the Japanese don’t already have a few that just need Tab A inserted into Slot B.
      There were rumors years ago that Taiwan had worked with South Africa to build nukes. And I’m sure that South Korea is wondering about whether it can long exist as a non-nuclear nation.

    • The story I’ve heard is that Japan could take a long lunch break, and be a nuclear power before supper. Anyone want to bet that the first one they use is targeted at the 3 Gorges Dam? You could be reasonably sure that whatever they target, they will hit it. The Chinese? Who knows?
      I would be surprised if South Korea doesn’t have similar capabilities, considering their next door neighbor. Taiwan? Possibly. Lots of family connections with the mainland, so that is the big question, I think. After seeing how they are handling Hong Kong, and other areas, though, might not be that big a question. “may you live in interesting times”

  2. Some years ago, reliable rumor had it that Japan had “parts kits” that could be snapped together before lunch. Haven’t seen delivery method discussed but conventional rockets could be made dual purpose.

  3. It’s an Oriental bargaining tactic. Always start by demanding the impossible. In hopes your opponent will move in your direction and compromise.
    China can’t afford a nuclear war.
    So they nuke a country that isn’t able to respond or defend itself by treaty? That’s a stain China would not survive internationally.
    And for all we know. Those big painted tubes that are suppose to be missiles used in Chinese military parades could be just that. Big painted tubes.
    Wouldn’t be the first oriental country to try and bluster it’s way into getting what it wants.
    Just watch N. Korea. Big military parades. Can’t even feed itself. Tries to scare us into feeding them.
    To date, the Chinese army has barely put a whooping on a bunch of smelly Tibetans.
    Despite the two’s passed history. Japan has repented in the world’s eyes. China doesn’t want the rest of the world against them. They don’t have enough internal stability to survive.
    And that’s what nuking Japan would get them. Isolated at best. Their own fragile system nuked at worst.
    Methinks It’s a bluff.

    • Those big tubes aren’t empty, but that doesn’t mean the missiles will work. Rocket engineering is _difficult_. The Germans spent several years perfecting the V-2, but only about half the missiles fired at English targets came down anywhere in the British Isles. Some got lost and went into the sea, but probably most of the missing ones broke up in flight.

      Then we took over much of the program, and the top echelon of the engineering staff. American launches of V-2’s and American copies of it went well, but the first several times we tried to launch our own designs, they blew up on the launching pad. It took 14 years of work before the Atlas missile (the first American ICBM) went operational, and two more years before they dared stick a manned Mercury capsule on top.

      So, I’m sure the Chinese have a missile in those big tubes – but if they get in a hurry to launch them with live warheads, they’ll put more warheads into random parts of their own country than into any foreign country.

    • The thing about China is basically they literally own the United States government at this point.

      China deploy their nuclear weapons killing tens if not hundreds of millions of people in Japan, Taiwan and pretty much everyone around them and nothing will happen besides a strongly lettered word. there will be no sanctions, they will be no counterattack, there will be nothing. Because when it comes down to it China is where all these peoples money is.

      Fuck the Chinese could deploy nukes on the western coast the United States and the Democrats won’t do a fucking damn thing about it. I mean they’re not holding China accountable for releasing Covid into the world killing hundreds of thousands of American citizens and wrecking our economy. Babe just blame it on Trump. My mother who is far left literally believes that Trump is personally responsible for Covid. That Trump personally introduced over to the United States. Because when it comes to politics to use as insane as you can get when it comes to far left wack jobs. It’s hard to argue with someone who literally Believe the military should be deployed to go door to door to vaccinate everyone in the United States by force and kill every single person that opposes and also fully supports the Democrats literally deployed the nuclear arsenal to kill every single person alive in all of those 21 states where the governors oppose the mandate. No I am not making that up. In fact our current leader ship fully supports giving China information on our military readiness. And that’s fine because orange man bad. Do you really think they would do anything of China deliberately attacked United States with nuclear devices? If anything if china did that the only ones that react is India and Russia.

      In fact if change the size of actually invade Taiwan or Japan or deploy nuclear weapons not only will the Democrats and United States government deflect and not condemn it they will literally blame Trump. Because that’s all they have.

      • Not that the Chinese don’t have nukes. Or even the will or desire to use them.
        But it’s far better to have your enemy think you will use them. And give you what you want. Rather than use them, and deal with all the attendant problems.
        So they nuke Tokyo. What does that tell the rest of the world? Fight now or fight later?
        This is a world run by megalomaniacs. And everyone of them knows China is a belligerent. No one wants to be ruled by them.
        And if you let them get away with nuking a passivist neighbor, your next. The world wouldn’t stand for it. And the chinks know it.
        What’s worse than nukes is thermobaric bombs. These are Hiroshima sized non-nuke fall-out, fuel-air bombs.
        WWIII will see these used. Their far more surgical.
        Pop a nuke up high for EMP. Then thermobaric command and control. Roll in a week later for mop-up. Is far more likely.
        But then what do you tell the rest of the world? India is as populated as China. And they sure as hell won’t be ruled by the Chinese. To say nothing of Russia and Europe?

    • Also keep in mind that almost all consumer goods and a lot of industrial goods now come from China. If we were to go to war our stores would be quickly empty and stay that way. Unlike during WWII we live in a just in time world and most people don’t even know what it would take to make do nor do they have the means to do so.

      Should that happen you will need your guns and some luck (or prep).

      • Indeed. If the CCP ever went seriously out of line, a general embargo on commerce with Red China would destroy its economy really fast. For extra credit (though debatably constitutional) any US government securities held by Red Chinese government entities could be voided.

  4. Commies gonna commie. It’s what they do. You treat them with undue tolerance, eventually they either own you or they’re threatening to annihilate you, or both. It’s inevitable. It’s an axiom as old as the hills. A law of their Earthly nature. It’s the mind of Cain. In their minds it means they are better chess players; smarter than you for having gained the upper hand, more justified in their existence for having the ability to end yours. And from their criminally insane point of view they are thoroughly correct and justified in thinking so.

    We cannot coexist with authoritarians (of any type, flavor, rationalization or title). But we don’t like to think about that and its implications, so we don’t. It means we’d have to become mass murderers to rid ourselves of the vermin (and that’d be an on-going, never ending process), or become slaves to the vermin, and neither prospect is acceptable. So we wait until the most obvious, most clear and immediate, last-ditch efforts of defense of our very lives become mandatory, and of course by then it’s always far too late to avoid mass destruction. At that point the catastrophe is in full blossom, ensured and underwritten by your own “leaders”.

    And so, after we’ve seen it so many times before, whose fault is it this time around? Is it the Chinese communists’ and American fascists’ fault for being true to their Romish authoritarian nature, or is it our fault for tolerating and even supporting them, pretending they’re not what they are?

    Worse yet, who is in league with them, with full knowledge of what they are, and with malice aforethought against our republic’s libertarian principles? These are the questions that are never answered, and rarely asked, until it’s far too late to do anything about the problem.

    What’s left to say about it, except that we in America have been supporting the ChiComs now for decades? They’re partners with those who control our government; allies in the global war against liberty and especially against freedom of conscience.

    And so, when your enemies are the allies of your leaders, what does that make your leaders? And therefore, what does it mean to be a patriot when there’s no one in your official “leadership” who agrees with the (ostensible) founding principles of your republic? What does it mean, therefore, to fly the American flag? What would you mean by it, and who would even come close to interpreting it as you intended it?

    And this is where Christ comes in. When we finally realize (though it’s been true all along while we proudly and “cleverly” denied it) that there’s no Earthly power or man-made construct, to which we may rally, that isn’t eventually going to devour us or make us just like the enemy. Only then do we realize that He’s been there all along, having articulated our principles better than anyone, having warned us of all these things well in advance, having told us the exact consequences which we’re about to experience, having upheld the simple and perfect law of liberty for all to see, for all the generations, and that we just never bothered to look or try to understand.

  5. The notion of a “winnable” nuclear war has long been a part of communist doctrine. It is after all a political structure responsible for the death of well over a hundred million civilians in the past century alone…..so killing millions more with in a single day would be nothing to them. And they most assuredly have detailed plans for a first strike decapitation attack on the USA…..if they should ever lose their grip on the power and control they have here via the American Communist Party nee Demonrats.

    • +1
      Total population of Japan 126,476,461 ( Wikipedia )
      Total population of China 1,439,322.776 (Wikipedia )

      The Chicoms can take a casualties that would wipe out Japan and still keep trucking along in their planning. Letting China strike first would be fatal.

      • I stated that communist doctrine believes in a “winnable” nuclear war. I did NOT state that they were correct. Once
        the ugly genie of Canned Sunshine gets released ALL BETS
        ARE OFF….and by far the most logical outcome is total war
        with casualties measured in the billions, civilization effectively ended and humanity doomed to regress to an agrarian society….if not further back.

  6. If the Chinese have such a strong desire to nuke someone, I can suggest a target other than Japan that would be welcomed, at least in some quarters (I doubt, though, that they possess sufficient deliverable megatons to perform the task to an acceptable degree of effectiveness; the Russians, however, back in October ’61 detonated Tsar Bomba, evaluated at 62 megatons, and it was claimed at the time a device of 100 megatons was possible, so if they still have the plans perhaps the job could be farmed out to a subcontractor).

    It would, however, as Shawn (above) points out, be much like Peanut’s statement that Jeff Dunham killing him would be a form of suicide.

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