Quote of the day—Davide Mastracci

I’m not going to speculate as to why people buy pickup trucks, but the reality is the vast majority aren’t doing so for work purposes.

Their choice is putting us all at risk, whether on the streets, or through damage to the climate. Reducing further destruction to the climate and harm from needlessly fatal road accidents is far more important than corporate or consumer freedom.

It’s time to ban sales of pickup trucks for non-work purposes, for all of our sakes.

Davide Mastracci
July 13, 2021
Reducing further climate destruction and harm from needlessly fatal road accidents is more important than corporate or consumer freedom.
[Tyrants have to tyrant.

Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. “I’m not going to speculate why people buy sports cars with horrible gas mileage and capable of going more than twice the speed limit, putting us all at risk“.

    Bet he’s fine with those, because his rich liberal friends have them.

    • Leftist. The semantics here are very important if we are to avoid the category error of Liberals

  2. I’m not going to speculate as to why people comment on others choices of vehicle, but the reality is the vast majority aren’t doing so for work purposes.

    It’s time to ban commenting for non-work purposes, for all of our sakes.

  3. It does make one ponder just how far their willing to take this whole idiocracy thing?
    It’s not like there’s a million problems facing this country already. And this child of promise is worried about pick-ups?
    Thanks Joe. For pointing out the commies are thorough in their planned destruction everything good and holy.
    Planning accordingly, I got the pick-up and the ammo. I would have to take out a second on the house for a backhoe. I don’t want to do that. No worries, I’ll figure something out.

  4. Who decides what a “work purpose” is?
    I work at a hospital. OK, no truck needed.
    I also own rental properties, which means that I sometimes need to have a truck to haul building and repairs supplies. Is that enough?
    What about people who participate in sports and recreation who need to haul supplies?
    Will there be a new government agency created? The Bureau of All Trucks For Employment? (BATFE) Will they establish a national registry under the National Freightage Act (NFA) whereby you will need to register your truck after a background check and the payment of a fee?

    • No No No No No! Don’t get into trying to justify your choices. That’s not the point. You don’t have to justify them to anyone. And THAT is the whole point!

      As soon as you even THINK to make a case to justify your own choices, as though YOU are the one on trial and not the sick, twisted, power-mad bastard who questioned your ability to choose, you’ve given the advantage to the enemy! The enemy now has you playing HIS game, on HIS terms.

      From now on you just watch, and listen, and you’ll see and hear that the entire world has already fallen for that trap!

      Freedom of choice, especially individual freedom of conscience, is under attack by the Romish forces worldwide. You are to listen to THEM and do what THEY say, and that’s that. freedom and property rights and all the rest are all very good and all, BUT! in a world endangered by (fill in the blank – it doesn’t matter – it’s always something) you have to set aside your personal feelings, your personal goals, your personal beliefs, AND your personal property for the sake of THE COMMON GOOD. If you don’t, you’re a danger to others, a danger to the entire planet, it therefore goes without saying that you’re an enemy of the state, and so you have no rights. Period. Eventually you’ll be said to have no right to live, for the world cannot afford to have your poisoning influence around if it’s going to survive.

      Welcome to The Dark Ages 2.0. If you want to see where this is going, just look at the entire Dark Ages period, beginning to foment in 538 AD, and going to 1798. Same old presumptions, same old power, same old doctrines, same old character.

      Of course, what’s really the focus of these attacks is God’s law of liberty, Jesus Christ, and His people on Earth. Rome simply cannot say it openly (not in mixed company, anyway) or too many people would wise up to them. So it has to be some really stupid “emergency” like the weather or flu season. If those wear out in the minds of the people, that’s no problem— They’ll have many other “emergencies” primed and ready for public release as necessary.

      And how can you, “How Dare You”, expect any liberty or any choice whatsoever, or property, so long as our children are dying?!?

  5. Oh come on people. Only construction companies really *need* a pickup truck. And surely we can come up with some mutually agreeable common sense regulations for truck safety. Can’t we agree that trucks include many evil features that should be regulated? Nobody needs one of those towering behemoths – tires should be limited to 27 inches in diameter, and GVWR of trucks (for civilians) should be limited to 5500 lbs. You can have a bigger truck, but only after getting a commercial driver’s license and paying extra fees and getting approval from the BATFT (alcohol, firearms, tobacco and trucks). No engines larger than 2 liter displacement.

  6. Screw him and the hybrid he rode in on.
    I will say I don’t understand why people will pay $60K for a pickup that is only driven on asphalt and never hauls anything but kids and groceries. But it’s their money so go and knock themselves out. My 30 year old F-150 and I are just amused.

  7. “Work purposes”, eh?
    I’m a software guy, I don’t own a pickup truck for work purposes. But I used it to haul my lathe. I use it every month or so to haul gas cans for my lawn mower and tractor — rules of safe driving say you do not put gas cans in a passenger car. Yes, I did that in the past, but the smell of gasoline in the passenger compartment of an Insight is not pleasant and doesn’t help my feeling of safety.
    It is actually a “work truck” — rubber floor mats, manually cranked windows. And it only gets a few thousand miles of use per year. So it’s in great shape and I’ll probably keep it for another 30 years.
    So about all that, Davide dude, pound sand.

    • What the proto-tyrant wants to say is “Commercial Purposes”, but he isn’t intellectually sophisticated enough or precise enough to know the distinction between work and commerce.
      When one enters the world of laws, words have meaning and significance. He ignores that by thinking sloppily, and if the nation becomes the nation he wants, he will ignore that truth at his mortal peril. The people in charge won’t accept “What I meant was” from him any more than he does from the people he disagrees with today.

  8. The hallmark of leftists is they simply MUST tell other people how to live.
    It’s a congenital condition….they can’t stop themselves. So that means
    WE have to stop them. Permanently if that becomes necessary.

  9. to coin a phrase: molon labe

    come and pry that steering wheel from my cold dead hands

    • No no no… the right expression is “… with your dead hands”. (Cribbed from a comment by Akatsukami on this blog some time ago.)

      • Joe has this line: “And we could debate how even if all guns were banned you would still have to reanimate your cold dead fingers before you could take it from me.” on one of his posts from 2004.

        Seems that slant on the subject has been floating around for a while — and IMNSHO it is the “correct” way to express the situation.

  10. Since this topic has come up.
    Is it just me or is the current bed height just about where the tops of the bed sides used to be?

    I noticed that a friend’s brand new truck’s sides were nearly eye level.

    Why are they getting so darned tall of late?

  11. Wish they make a decent *small* pickup. Don’t need to tow three yards of gravel, just haul awkward shapes and a modest load around, and mostly commute. Might have to buy a F-150 just to piss him off. Old car is… old.

    • Keep your eye out for an ’83-84 Mazda B2200 diesel 2.2L. Long bed first year, short bed later. I could get 42mpg freeway, 34 commuting. Worst I ever got was 28, screaming down I-5 with a couple racebikes and small bike trailer @80+.

      Ford Ranger similar years had the same engine, but most only had a 4spd, and they were heavier, so mileage was about 10mpg less.
      That is a Perkins industrial engine, and is built just like a big rig engine, so good for 250-500k miles.
      Ranger ’85-87 had a Mitsubishi turbo diesel 2.3L, and that was much more delicate, unfortunately. Should have just put a turbo on the Perkins.

  12. I just bought one yesterday. Buying one in the times of pandemics and chip shortages was rather strenuous, but for a first ever truck purchase, I’m pleased.

    As for some idiot deciding I shouldn’t own something he dislikes:
    How does he feel about guns? Swimming pools? Vacation homes? Boats?
    Air travel?

    Seriously, FOAD.

  13. Because I wanted something powerful and roomy enough to haul my massive block and tackle around comfortably Davide. I don’t care that you only need a scooter.

  14. People can get weird about pickup trucks, probably because they connote “work” and “blue collar.” I know a lot of people who acknowledge the practicality, but wouldn’t be caught dead in one, mainly for that reason.

    There is a very old rule, which still persists, banning pickup trucks from Lakeshore Drive on Sundays. Technically it is more for commercial vehicles, it’s complicated and mostly not enforced, but it is rooted in old ideas about the boulevards being for pleasure driving/visiting the parks, and not for menial/work purposes. Sort of like the automotive equivalent of making the plumber use the back staircase (out of sight) when he comes to unclog the sink. I tried to find the article but it’s a few years old and hidden behind a paywall at WBEZ.

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