Who could have guessed?

Seattle police union chief fears losing 400 officers in a year as crime levels soar

As crime levels in Seattle continue to climb, more police officers are fleeing the force for jobs in police departments outside the city, where politics may play less of a role in shaping law enforcement decisions.

More than 200 officers have left the Seattle Police Department in the past year, leaving staffing levels below what department leaders say are necessary, and the head of the police union fears that number could double by next year.

“I’m fearful that we could lose up to 400 people within a year’s time, and then, where does that put us in our community?” Mike Solan, the president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, told the Washington Examiner.

“It would take decades to recover,” he said.

In 2020, Seattle saw its highest number of murders in 26 years, and crime in the city has trended upward in keeping with a national rise in violence.

This is such an obvious result I find it necessary to believe the politicians responsible intended this outcome. They are deliberately destroying “The Emerald City”.


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  1. While they may wind up destroying Seattle. I think they are more interested in destroying the Seattle PD before their tax base is eliminated.

    I didn’t come up with the notion, but I agree with those who think that ‘the plan’ is to so hamstring local police departments with ‘woke’, diversity and defunding, that it will result in them being so ineffective that the cry from the populace will ensue for the federal gooberment to form a national police force. One that will unfortunately wind up only having to answer to some national Chief of Police in DHS and the supporting hoards of bureaucraps.

    • I would like to say “I think you’re full of it”, but unfortunately I think you’re hitting the nail pretty much on the head.

      I think I’d add further, that if the lives of the commoners is in disarray, they would consider that a feature rather than a bug.

      Weakening local police departments that aren’t under central control. Police generally lean right.

      Screening military members for “right wing extremists” who might not follow the unlawful orders of the central cabal.

      Empowering the FBI to enforce relatively minor crimes and turning things such as speech and firearms ownership into crimes.

      These actions should be waking people up.

      • Spot on guy’s.
        Federalizing the police force would be as natural to the commies as bee’s gleaning pollen in spring.
        Maybe they will give them nice blue helmets to wear?
        We can only hope.

  2. 0) infiltrate key positions, compromise key players in government and elections
    1) cut funding for policing
    2) pass insane and contradictory laws
    3) implement policies that make enforcing the law impossible.
    4) cut funding more
    5) don’t charge or set free criminals if they lean left
    6) demonize the police
    7) implement more policies the further demoralize the police
    8) decry the increase in crime, demonize police more
    9) watch more police flee the city
    10) talk about how hard it is to hire for the police <<— YOU ARE HERE
    11 lower standards in a particular way
    12) increase funding for new hires only
    13) hire a certain type of new cop (recent immigrants, "former" gang members, etc. who owe allegiance to you and the corrupt system ONLY, not the constitution or the rule of law)
    14) use your "new" police force to act as thugs under cover of law to arbitrarily enforce any law you want to, on anyone, or not, selectively.
    15) mission accomplished. You own the city law enforcement mechanism. Your goons get a badge, full medical, and a paycheck from the taxpayers you are shaking down. You can now spread the system out to the burbs.

    • Unless in the mean time your population is armed to the teeth and you’ve just taught them the hard way that cops/government are the criminals?
      Which puts 100 million of us right back to about 1775?

      • The biggest difference between then and now is we live in a Orwellian total surveillance society, allowing them to track and trace and identify and isolate and target active members of the resistance. folks need to start leaving their phones at home, disconnecting their cars from the internet, and walk digital-free most, if not all, of the time.

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