Quote of the day—Gabriel Keane

A few stores in Brooklyn Center were left unmolested, however: businesses guarded out front by armed civilians.

Despite calls to violent “revolution” by looters, they did not appear interested in a confrontation with determined shopkeepers.

Gabriel Keane
April 13, 2021
Only Stores Left Untouched In Minneapolis Area Riots Were Guarded By Armed Civilians

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3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gabriel Keane

    • There wouldn’t be any of the rioting, looting and burning if the rioters, looters, and arsonists could apply that principle a little more broadly and the “Journalists” in the media actually worked to help people do that.
      Sadly, that may be too much to hope for.

  1. Only someone who went to Graduate School or to Undergraduate in an Ivy League School could be surprised by that result.

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