Quote of the day—Brad Bannon

American politics would be a lot better off if we had a lot more of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Now, is the time for the Democratic congressional leadership to embrace Ocasio-Cortez.

Brad Bannon
February 5, 2021
AOC is an asset for Democrats, Greene is an albatross for the GOP
[Brad, I like the way you think. You just keep believing and advocating that.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brad Bannon

  1. I wish their was to. That way no one could deny DC is just a septic tank. And understand there is nothing but detritus to be found there. And nothing coming out that doesn’t smell.
    To me, the larger point is vote fraud. The thought that, that many people actually voted for as bad an actress as Sandy O is? Or believe anything that comes out of her mouth? Oh that’s bad.
    At least with Joe-Xi we can say there isn’t actually that many people who believe him enough to vote for him. They cheated the vote. But the thought of people believing that crap-talk? That’s scary. It’s a blessing they like ghettos. Now, if we can just keep them there.

  2. You all, clearly, need some “tough love” here, so I’ll slap you around for a bit.

    Certainly AOC is an asset to the Democratic Party. Without question. To believe otherwise is to be in serious denial. But before you can even ponder that, you have to understand how this works.

    Since we as a nation have already been conditioned to think that all is relative (we’ll eagerly support a national socialist with an R after his name so long as he’s less socialist than his socialist “opponents”), meaning that our fundamentals, assuming we have any that can be clearly defined, are to be put aside until victory is achieved (which is like putting aside the notion of possessing the ball until after the football game has been won), both parties can effectively employ their extremists. Their extremists exist for one, very important purpose; to make the rest of the lot appear “moderate” by comparison.

    Thus, the old guard “retard extremists” (Nancy Pelosi and the other “retard” Democrats), and now AOC representing the next generation of “retard extremists”, fill their roles, acting out their scripts, brilliantly and to great effect. And it helps if they’re (at first anyway) marginally attractive women (attractive women are important assets in corrupting a society – it goes back many thousands of years).

    We’re seeing proven strategies and tactics being effectively employed. So what’s your problem? What’s to get all emotional and twisted out of shape over?

    I think I can tell y’all your problem. Your problem is that Republicans appear to be out-maneuvered at every single turn; now, last year, last century, and forever, even by the “retards”, or even especially by the “retards”. But they’re not retards, sweetheart, and the Republicans aren’t their enemies.

    The two parties have been working together, in much the same fashion as described above (employing the Dialectic Method), for generations now, and so there hasn’t been any “out-maneuvering” going on at all, other than the out-maneuvering of a tiny, pathetic and despised population. That despised population are those who cling (without bitterness, by the way) to that Protestant ideology and those doctrines which overcame the authoritarian system hundreds of years ago thus opening the door to the settling of the New World, by Protestants, and the eventual founding of the United States. Y’all want nothing to do with THOSE PEOPLE anyway! So why bitch about it?

    Both parties have been, and will continue to be, successful in their efforts at collapsing the last vestiges of the American system into a new system, thus finally defeating the Reformation. Isn’t that, at least in part, what you want anyway? I mean; who wants to live among people talking about God’s law when we can uplift ourselves and please ourselves by making our own totally different and contrary laws, and thus get to do whatever we want, even becoming like “gods” ourselves and “healing the planet” (from its infestation of humans), traveling the stars and forming galactic federations and other dumbass imaginary horseshit like that, maybe even creating life out of non-life ourselves to close the deal? Amiright? You know it’s part of your psyche already, along with the uplifting of pride-in-rebellion as a virtue, so why fight it?

    I think the only surprise here, and the primary source of frustration in the worldly world, is that it’s been taking so long, even in its drastically compromised condition, to completely defeat and eliminate all shreds of the Reformation.

    Who was it? Albert Einstein, who said that using the same mindset, to solve a problem, as the mindset used to create the problem…will never work, or some such as that?

    Right, so keep believing along the lines of “democrats bad, republicans good”, or “Christ bad, secular humanist science good”, etc., and see how it works for you. You’re already seeing the results come to fruition, having rejected the solution, so how far do you want to ride that train?

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