Food for thought

From a comment to a private post on Facebook (slightly edited):

I just don’t understand the antis: The USSR created and started cranking out the PPS-42 in a city under active seige, with krauts within shooting distance of the machinists.

They then took those submachineguns and skulldragged said krauts all 1,086 miles back to Berlin.

What are the antis trying to say? That they’ll be more jackbooted and effective than the Nazis?

Is that what they’re saying? Because that’s not a good look.

Interesting point.

I suspect the antis think gun owners will comply with any law passed or regulation written.


7 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. Tamara Keel once – 1/2 jokingly – observed that ‘80%’ Sten submachinegun receivers could be found in the aisles of any Lowes or Home Depot.
    And I’ll add along with the rest of the small parts, not to mention basic tools, and there’s not one damned thing anyone can really do about it.

    Just me, but I think the knowledgeable antis’ know this full well and probably have nightmares instead of fantasies about any ‘real’ gun control

    • And don’t forget how in 1943 the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto set up weapons manufacturing with even less on hand than what Loew’s and Home Depot stock regularly.

    • Miles, you can see this for yourself if you look at Phil Doty’s website, which is being kept on line in his memory.

  2. Joe – I like that you used for the link…instead of Wikipedia!

    • As we’ve learned in the last four years – – if we didn’t already know – – it’s important to not give the enemy any more than we have to.
      I did not know about, and have been using Bing, and Avast!.
      I still have to work out how to get free of the book.

  3. “I suspect the anti’s think gun owners will comply with any law passed or regulation written.”
    I suspect they also think it will give them license to come after us. Believing themselves superior. We need to be crushed.

    • Why not? We’ve obeyed all the laws so far.
      The Jews, after all, got onto the trains peacefully when they went to meet Dr. Mengele. And even there, it was a quiet, peaceful, orderly process. They’re the ones who break OUR laws — Not the other way around.

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