7 thoughts on “Ry had an interesting night

  1. Aren’t those supposed to be disposed of as hazardous waste, due to the ionizing stuff in them?

  2. Yeah, I got no sleep. They were tossed during the day, apparently, and they didn’t start beeping until late at night. Some of them were the loud blaring type.

    I ran out because I thought a building was on fire. Nope!

    The contractor had to come out and dig them out of the dumpsters during the thunderstorm we were having. I was so tired.

  3. The new ones with the internal 10yr battery have an annoyingly high failure rate. Either dead when you install it, or die soon after you activate it. Haven’t bothered counting, but a rough guess of 10%.

    • I’ve been installing the 10 year ones (Kidde brand). No problems, 3-4 years in at this point.
      Kidde is a good outfit. A year or two ago they had a recall on some of their fire extinguishers. I had a couple; filled out a web form, they shipped be brand new replacement units and a prepaid shipping label to return the old ones. Those were at least 15 years old, maybe more; no problem, no fuss, just good service.
      Meanwhile, if you have a good detector but don’t like the yearly beep, just drop in a lithium battery. I did that on one that’s still good, so that’s now effectively a 10 year model too.

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