Into the suburbs

Things are getting interesting. This is within 15 minutes of where Barb and I live.



Notice the “… it’s time to wake them up” at the bottom of that “Community Action” card?

Barb and I talked about this last night. We have a lot more confidence in the Bellevue Police than in the neutered Seattle Police. This came out day before yesterday:

Bellevue police detectives have now referred 70 looting suspects to the King County Prosecutor’s office for charges in connection with the May 31st riots.  Detectives continue to sift through video and follow up on leads. “We want to send a very clear message to anyone thinking about committing crimes in Bellevue,” Police Chief Steve Mylett warns.  “If you commit violence or destruction in Bellevue, we will follow the evidence, find you, and arrest you.”

I have to wonder. Who will be more “woke” by tomorrow morning, the rich people in Bellevue or the thugs?

I’m going to the range today. I have a couple rifles I need to confirm the zero on. The police will handle tonight and the next week or so just fine. I’m not so certain about the first week of November.


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  1. It’s best not to go looking for trouble, but if it comes looking for you, it’s best to be ready, which it would seem that you are.

    Best of luck and hopefully a non event.

    Jeff B.

  2. Be safe, Joe. I hope you don’t need to ever test your zeroes. As much as we talk about our concerns and the fact we prepare, none of us ever want to put those preparations and skills to the test.

    • Agreed.

      We’ll be fine this weekend. I suspect things will also be just fine until after the election. After the election… I don’t know. I wish we had an underground bunker in some remote location in Idaho to spend the first week or more of November.

      • A cot in in the magazine at the Boomershoot site? No one can’t say you wouldn’t be prepared to fend off a horde with the goodies present there. Gives a new meaning to a IED!

        • Ahhh… No.

          I want a warm bed, electricity, food, hot and cold running water, toilet, shower, etc. It’s currently 25F there and it’s forecast to have a high of 29F tomorrow. Those sort of temperatures would be very unpleasant at the Boomershoot magazine.

          Also, the magazine is empty except for a day or two before Boomershoot Sunday so no IEDs unless I made some reactive targets just for the occasion.

          • Winter comes earlier in northern Idaho than the Mid-Atlantic. I don’t think the reactive targ…erg…rioters want to make a trek into the rural hills of northwestern Idaho. Long way to go for little but cold and pain.

            Again, be safe.

  3. According to the pope, and in all interventionist thinking, private property is the crime, and looting is but one avenue to justice.

    This is making quite the stir in the world, though I doubt most of you have heard of it. Still fewer will read it, and fewer still will realize the pure evil intent behind it and the mass destruction and death which will come of it;
    In any case it is directing the future of the world (your future) so you might want to look. Some pull quotes;

    “110. Indeed, “to claim economic freedom while real conditions bar many people from actual access to it, and while possibilities for employment continue to shrink, is to practise doublespeak”.[83] Words like freedom, democracy or fraternity (wait; who said anything about “fraternity”?) prove meaningless, for the fact is that “only when our economic and social system no longer produces even a single victim, a single person cast aside, will we be able to celebrate the feast of universal fraternity”.[84] A truly human and fraternal society will be capable of ensuring in an efficient and stable way that each of its members is accompanied at every stage of life. Not only by providing for their basic needs, but by enabling them to give the best of themselves, even though their performance may be less than optimum, their pace slow or their efficiency limited.

    111. The human person, with his or her inalienable rights, is by nature open to relationship. Implanted deep within us is the call to transcend ourselves through an encounter with others. For this reason, “care must be taken not to fall into certain errors which can arise from a misunderstanding of the concept of human rights and from its misuse. Today there is a tendency to claim ever broader individual – I am tempted to say individualistic – rights. Underlying this is a conception of the human person as detached from all social and anthropological contexts, as if the person were a “monad” (monás), increasingly unconcerned with others… Unless the rights of each individual are harmoniously ordered to the greater good, those rights will end up being considered limitless and consequently will become a source of conflicts and violence”.[85]” Emphasis mine.

    “Greater good” and “common good” appear often, in this rambling, flowery mess of obfuscation and deceit.

    And of course every globalist has to say;

    119 …if one person lacks what is necessary to live with dignity, it is because another person is detaining it. Saint John Chrysostom summarizes it in this way: “Not to share our wealth with the poor is to rob them and take away their livelihood. The riches we possess are not our own, but theirs as well”.[92] In the words of Saint Gregory the Great, “When we provide the needy with their basic needs, we are giving them what belongs to them, not to us”.[93]” (Emphasis mine)

    And of course by “We” “providing” things, we’re talking about government intervention, i.e. Coercion. Never mind the tenth commandment then.

    In short, it embodies every leftist premise, claim, ideal and goal you’ve ever heard anywhere. But I think saying that is to put the cart before the horse. I am increasingly of the belief that most leftist thinking of the past several hundred years has been coming from Rome and her allies.

    So you see, the looters are the victims, merely asserting a little dose of justice, merely going along with the pope (and our POTUS, and his opponent in this election), and you’re too selfish and blind to see that what you think of as your “rights” are actually the problem here. Their idea of justice is when you get robbed, and beaten, have your house burnt down or whatever else it takes to make things “right” for “the common good”.

    • My how times have changed. When I was growing up a life with dignity was not measured by material goods – it was measured by how one conducted their life. There was a long list unacceptable behaviors: such as accepting government aid, accepting charity, being lazy, not being the best that you could, being in debt, bragging, …, along with the Ten Commandments.

      What I find worrying is that these words give Biden, a member of his Church, his blessing to go far left.

  4. One of the current questions would be WHOSE SIDE is the King County Prosecutor on. Will he actually follow through on what he received from the
    Bellvue Police Department or will he do what too many Soros bought and paid for DA’s have done….drop all charges.

  5. Well, I figure you’re ready to ‘stand to’ prepared to repel boarders. Hopefully you won’t have to, but it’s better to be prepared than the alternative.
    One question is whether or not your neighbors are.

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