Just exercising their rights

Via KOMO News:

A large group of demonstrators gathered in downtown Seattle Sunday afternoon.

The group gathered at West Lake Center for an Abolish ICE rally and then starting marching around downtown.

Seattle Police say they have received reports of property damage and looting.

Windows of the Starbucks at E Denny Way and Broadway East were seen smashed out as well as the windows of Victrola Coffee Roasters at 3rd Avenue and Pine Street. The Seattle Municipal Court Building was also vandalized.

I used to work across the corner from West Lake Center. Third and Pine is part of Mugme Street.

Watch the KOMO News video via the link at the top of this post. The reporter seems almost surprised the “demonstrators” exercising their First Amendment rights threatened them if they were to exercise their right to film them on a public street.

Here is some of the pictures (I have cropped some of them for better illustration of my point) they took of the “demonstrators” First Amendment activities:






They need to stop calling them “demonstrators” and “protestors”. Call them what they are. They are criminals and terrorists.


6 thoughts on “Just exercising their rights

  1. Remember, it was a “peaceful” demonstration. If any of the property owners had attempted to intervene, that would have been viewed as assault.

    • Yes! Democrats are to the BLM and Antifa as Sinn Fein was to the IRA. Pelosi and the Squad, and Schumer-Rhymes-With-Tumor are all Feinians. The only “improvement” is the money doesn’t have to cross the sea and find their way onto a small island.

  2. And the lesson for America business is? The beating will continue until morale improves!
    And nothing ends until the political cover comes off. Hell, the Bundy’s didn’t even spray paint anything.

  3. They’re prodding us into war; into a new French Revolution.

    Further; they’re prodding us into officially implementing more anti domestic terrorism or other “law and order” measures (or insert your own beautiful and satisfying words for essentially the same thing) which will then be used against us. It’s a well-established pattern; existing law being not enforced, we will be easily fooled into believing that more laws are the solution. Thus we were easily fooled into believing that the Republican Party was our great hope.

    The rallying cry for 2016 was “Build That Wall!”. Well now we’ve been made to forget about any wall (what were we even talking about, way back then, anyway?) so this time it will be something of the “law and order” nature, which, as per usual, will also be forgotten within four years, after the next wave of agitation and destruction is implemented.

    Eventually of course the secular authoritarians (which were never really secular in the first place but specifically anti-Judaeo-Christian) will join forces with the religious authoritarians. It will be sold as a beautiful coming together in cooperation, faith and brotherhood, most of us “conservatives” will lap it up as though this ecumenical movement were a sweet, saving elixir, and yet anyone who opposes it will be squashed like cockroaches. Republicans and their “evangelical” supporters will have played a significant role in achieving it. In fact they’re counting on it. The “Religious Liberty Defenders” (dot com) are already saber rattling toward this eventuality, speaking of fighting “anti Catholic bigotry” and using other such signal language. See where this is going? You oppose them and their fascist system or their god-king and now you’re committing a hate crime! Very clever!

    Hah! And some so us still think this has been about race!

    By the time most people begin to understand just how clever and subtle our enemy has been, it will be far too late to do anything about it. We’ve allowed ourselves to be programmed into seeing the left as blithering idiots (mostly because their policies always succeed; oh, the irony!), and into dismissing any notion of an evil plan which might be well-organized, and which might span more than a couple of generations, for that would be a grand “conspiracy theory” and so, ipso facto, such a thing cannot possibly ever exist, QED. We’ve been rendered almost totally incapable of seeing any such thing, while simultaneously we’re presented with a large number of alternate realities and distractions to occupy our minds.

  4. Speaking of “just exercising our rights”, my company’s HR director for diversity and inclusion just put out another invitation, from the official email account, for people to attend a company funded workshop discussing white supremacy and how to smash it and the oppressors.

    So I wrote a formal complaint to my boss, quoting both the EEOC website relative to making derogatory statements about race/color/ethnicity, and the Seattle Civil Rights ordinances specifying that ‘political ideology’ is a protected class, in particular, my anti-Marxism, but I’m not in a supervisory role where my political statement make a hostile work environment for an identifiable race/color/ethnicity.

    This Hispanic Veteran (2-fer in the diversity calculus!) is not going to refer to my co-workers as ‘oppressors’ because of their pallor.

    I have 180 days to make a formal complaint to the EEOC. All they have to do is get the Marxism/Critical Theory/White Supremacy claptrap under control for half a year… and not let anyone retaliate against me for speaking about it.

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