There are times when it’s difficult to believe this is not some sort of slow motion dystopian nightmare:

Hundreds of protesters camped outside City Hall are demanding that lawmakers slash the New York City police budget by $1billion.

The ‘Occupy City Hall’ encampment began forming Tuesday following weeks of street protests sparked by the death of George Floyd and other black Americans killed by law enforcement.

The protesters are part of a national ‘defund the police’ movement seeking more spending on other needs like housing and education and say they won’t move until they see a budget cut.

It comes as violent crime in New York City skyrockets, with June now on track for the highest number of murders in a month since 1996.


These cities are rapidly becoming uninhabitable. It’s a mass insanity which I can only see ending by either the adults taking charge or a culling of the herd as they, in essence, volunteer en masse for Darwin awards by destroying their own habitat.

It’s all so surreal.

There is an insight to take from this. Places outside of ground zero of this insanity will likely soon need protection from the mobs. There’s going to be a lot of experienced cops looking for jobs. And I’ll bet they are going to be friendly to gun owners willing to back them up.


7 thoughts on “Surreal

  1. When something seems absurd, it often means you are looking at it incorrectly, and your assumptions about what you are seeing are incorrect.

    It makes perfect sense if you assume it’s all theater, a Wag The Dog, an astroturf psy-op by hostile power with a complicit / controlled media and a lot of useful idiots pushing a narrative to destabilize the government and set the groundwork for a coup. Nothing about it is organic or as it appears. The media censorship and spin is heavy. With any luck their executions for treason by firing squad after a proper military tribunal will be televised. But people are not yet ready to accept that, so it has to get worse before it can get better. Rock bottom, and all that. I expect a number of false flag ops between now and then. I’d be REALLY careful around the 4th of July.

  2. You know, unless those city dwellers have someone who really cares about them in a rural area, I’m pretty sure most of them won’t be welcome when they realize they have to go somewhere. Things will be getting very ugly very soon.

  3. and more importantly, will they still continue to vote for the same policies that caused the problem in the first place?

    The answer, of course, is yes. California did it to Colorado and now is doing it to Texas. New York and Puerto Rico have been doing it to Florida.

    • Ya, what the CaliCommie’s did to So. Oregon. Go look at the before/afters of the Chetco river drainage. It’s what they do. The politics of destruction.

  4. In the 60’s & 70’s American cities experienced “White Flight” – the the 20’s & 30’s they will see Sane Flight.

  5. Looking at the hit NYC economy is taking, a 20% cut to ALL city departments is likely. Deal with it Big Apple! Don’t mind the maggots.

    • Seems NYFC is in the process of removing $1 billion from the PD’s budget.. I expect fun times in that city. Party time!

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