The story of how CHAZ was created

Read the whole thing. This is just how the terrorists won the last battle and created CHAZ.

A Shocking Eye-Witness Account Of What’s Really Happening During The Seattle Riots

SPD must have had some really good intelligence, or they were anticipating Antifa’s response from Durkan’s concessions. They installed permanent metal barriers at the intersection of 11th St and Pine St. A second line of barriers was also in place in between us and the initial barriers at the intersection. Everything kicked off per usual, with the “protesters” trying to provoke us with their words, umbrellas, and signs. This time, though, we didn’t give them an audience. We all stayed inside the East Precinct, as they did their normal agitation methods at the first barrier.

Suddenly, we were told the “protesters” began jumping the first barrier, heading towards us. We rushed out to the road and staged roughly 1/3 of the way up the block from the intersection of 11th St and Pine St, creating a large safety buffer between us and the “protesters” who had jumped the fencing. They were warned to return over the barrier, which they didn’t. They then began disassembling the barrier. They were warned not to disassemble the barrier, but they continued. They then walked towards us. They were warned to stop, but they didn’t. They continued walking towards us. They were warned again, but they continued. They reached the second barrier.

We later found out they brought a plasma cutter (blow torch) to cut through the barriers… (not that they are the provocateurs, or are planning to escalate, right?!)

They began cutting barriers so they could be used as weapons against us. They were warned about cutting the barriers, but they continued. They then picked up the second barriers and began walking towards us. They were warned again not to move the barriers, but they continued. They then jumped the last barrier. They were warned again to turn back, but they continued towards us. As they continued to approach, they were continuously warned. HOW MANY WARNINGS DOES IT TAKE?!

It started to get dark… The portable lights were turned on. The “protesters” then produced foil covered signs and were trying to blind the Officers and Guardsman. They were warned again, but they continued. They then threw a glass bottle at a Guardsman, the glass bottle shattering on a riot shield. They were warned again, but they just booed at us. They continued to walk slowly towards the Officers until they were within 2-3 feet. They then started using their umbrella’s and other objects, putting them in the face of the Officers. They were warned again to not do that.

As expected, objects were then thrown at us. They amplified things, this time. Instead of throwing glass bottles containing urine and other bodily fluids, they began throwing glass bottles full of gasoline. They then lit and threw fireworks at us, trying to light us on fire.

FINALLY the SPD Administration gave the green light and LESS LETHAL forms of riot control were deployed. As objects were continued to be thrown at us, SWAT finally deployed CS gas. The “protesters” proceeded to start vandalizing everything in the area. They smashed business windows, burned U.S. flags, lit dumpsters and other items on fire, and threw things on fire at us. We pushed them back in all directions about half a block but for some reason, we stopped pushing them back. They then regrouped and continued to vandalize the area with spray paint, breaking windows, and lighting things on fire. Around that time, the Guard was pulled back and we left East Precinct.

My big takeaway from this is also an observation made by, IIRC, the Bellevue Chief of Police after the Bellevue looting a couple weeks ago. The terrorists are well organized. This is not some impulsive, spontaneous, outburst of rage.

The organizers, in particular, must be tracked down and punished.


4 thoughts on “The story of how CHAZ was created

  1. They brought a plasma cutter? OK, then. They are serious, and ignoring verbal warnings.

    Not a big fan of militarizing the police, but if it is time to escalate, perhaps a Churchill Crocodile will settle them down. Start with a wet shot to let them know what’s about to happen, and I’d bet they find a way to disperse rather rapidly.

  2. The number of “warnings” given with no actual consequences to back them up reminds me of the old Robin Williams Libya Line of Death routine:

    You cross this line you die!
    OK, you cross THIS line you die!

  3. friends:

    i keep insisting that these “rioters” are acting with the connivance of leftist politicians and public officials in power, if not at their explicit direction.

    you may view them precisely as mao’s red brigades/guards were used by mao, to incite against property and privilege, and to intimidate those who need to be intimidated by the leftists.

    anybody thinking about the election of donald trump, in this regard?

    in short, the antifa/blm are not in opposition to mayor durkin and “governor” inslee, but they act in league with them, and at the direction of george soros, pelosi and the clintons.

    does nobody remember obama’s campaign for election to the presidency? it was exactly the same thing, only the black panther party was more in evidence, especially attacking republican campaign workers, and intimidating voters at the polls …. and democratic mayors did absolutely nothing to stop them.

    know what to expect when the next election is held.– and, that is, more of the same. you know, advanced deployment of bricks and bottles full of urine.

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