Quote of the day—Tim Pool @Timcast

Trump did not create it, Trump was the product of it.

As the media lied and pushed absurd attacks on common people the collective anger pooled until it eventually found its champion.

Trump is the collective anger of the people tired of media elites spitting on them.

Tim Pool @Timcast
Tweeted on May 16, 2020.


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  1. Oh, I so very much agree. Trump is crass, inexact, and a not-so-political-PC jerk. I held my nose when I voted for him. Geez, what an un-presidential president we will have.

    Then I began to see things happening. Swamp water went down only a little as his own party failed to support him. But then I began to hear the same things from him that I wished I had said. No, things I had been saying in private or in selected company for a long time. And I began to see never-had-a-real-job Washingtonians out on the street and activist courts moving toward judicial propriety.

    And I began to see a President swinging back at a partisan bully media. And hitting home.

    Gave up holding my nose some time ago, though there are cringy-worthy moments.

    • Same here.

      The liberal elites live in a world of anything goes – if they can imagine it then it must be real and everyone must agree or else. In their eyes they have become gods.

      We voted for Trump because he opposed this world view.

    • Yup. Held my nose, hoped for the best, and vote for NOT-HILLARY! It’s all been a very pleasant surprise. And as more and more things come to light, it’s becoming clear just how big a bullet we dodged.

      The melt-downs that will happen when he wins reelection will be epic.

      • Well it’s your last summer to stock up. Just in case he loses. As Stalin said. It’s not who votes, it who counts the votes. Among all the other crap the commie/ lib’s have planned.

        • We have to make it big. If it’s not close they can’t (or it will be much harder to) cheat.

          • Trouble is that there is no theoretical upper limit to fraud.

      • Of all the Not-Hillarys we could have elected, he has been an exceptional Not-Hillary. Wouldn’t say he’s great as a President in general (see the caves on bump-stocks and the ignorant statements on suppressors), but he’s delivered somewhat above the strictly minimum standards of a Not-Hillary.

        So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

      • And it will be all my fault, since my Leftist Brother and his Stalinist wife know I don’t toe the Leftist lickspittle looney line.

        They think that because THEY wouldn’t cheat by voting if they weren’t supposed to, nobody else would either, and because it’s so hard to find and prove any particular instance of anonymous voting is illegal, it doesn’t happen.

        • That’s why I started a vote fraud page on my site recently. Not strictly related, but a good central repository to track stories as I find them that I can point people to.

          Might have to add a comment field to that page so people can make suggestions. They are not usually national stories because the media like to hide it.

  2. I truly am shallow. I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary. And if he took a bulldozer to DC. So much the better. That, and he has a hot wife.

    • Nothing wrong with a prez having a hot wife. Remember, he’s basically the national face to the world. Why not make the best impression possible?
      Looks aren’t everything, but it’s the first thing you see.

    • I would have voted “Anyone But Clinton” if the position was filled by Seinfeld, or Professor Irwin Corey or really anyone who actually worked for a living and signed paychecks.

  3. Others have noted, Trump is an avatar.

    Sure, the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) hate him with seething, contemptuous fury because he doesn’t kowtow to them or play by their rules. They direct their ire toward him because he’s the biggest non-Leftist around.

    But when you get down to it, it’s not really Trump they scorn and hate. It’s us.

    Trump is just an avatar.

  4. I invite you to read Trump’s inaugural speech (not the video, just the text) and try to imagine Woodrow Wilson, FDR, or Bill Clinton speaking the words. Then tell me it’s significantly different from something FDR or any other leftist “Dear Leader” or wannabe Roman pontiff would say.

    It is certainly not the opposite of the left, certainly not libertarian, and thus not American in any way the founders would have recognized.

    It’ll be painful, but I think you’ll have to agree.

    And so it is that they have us cheering for a man or a party which has drifted to the left of JFK and shown no signs of changing trajectory.

    This emerging outcome represents the essence of the Dialectical Method

    • I don’t much care what he says. I care about results. He’s been appointing originalist judges and slashing regulations.

      That’s a good start.

      I’m still pissed about bump stocks but the judges may still throw it out.

  5. I, too, held my breath and voted for him(more against Hilary than for him). I never thought he was serious about running the country and was doing it for his own ego.

    Since then, I’ve found Kipling’s the “Wrath of the awakened Saxon” to be very similar to my views and experience since November of 2016.

    I’ve stood by and endured the insults from the left(not unexpected and I don’t take it personally) and the media who characterize Trump supporters as terrible, sub-human monsters in their attempts to shame me into voting for someone like Biden?
    In a pig’s eye.

    The fact his own party hates him as much as the Democrats and the media lead me to believe he is a danger to the status quo. This is the same status quo who has delivered Joe Biden, wrapped up in a pretty bow, as our new savior

  6. And voter fraud happens so often. And when it is “found” so little happens to correct it. All of the preventative measures are attacked and stopped. In 2008, 2012, 2016 as voter IDs were being put into place, some judge was always found to say “We don’t really know if this is racist or discriminatory, please have your facts ready to present by”, looks at his empty wrist where his watch should have been , “The 20th of November”

    It was amazing how many of those temporary injunctions lasted just long enough to go over voting day.

    Recently, the Broward County election results investigation of 2018 completed. They found that half of the polling places turned in more ballots than there were voters. It was ONLY 855 more than total voters so that wouldn’t have changed anything…

    But the point made was that the 855 were the ones we can prove. What about all the others that can’t be proven. In those polling place that cast more votes than registered voters, the number of fraudulent votes is not the number > registered voters. It is the number greater than the number of people that could legally vote and did vote.

    100 registered voters. 101 votes cast. We know that at least 1 vote is fraudulent. But only 75 people showed up to vote. That means that there are 26 fraudulent votes. If it is a close race, say 35 vs 40 of the real votes, that 26 votes represents a huge offset. And since any time there is massive fraudulent voting, there is always one party doing the fraud, that means that the cheating party is going to win. 30+26>40 30+40>35.

    Note that when I say one party is committing the fraud, I’m not pointing at one political party, it is that in general, only one party controls any one voting situation.

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