Quote of the day—Mika Brzezinksi

I think the dangerous edges here are that he’s trying to undermine the media. Trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is the job, that is our job.


Mika Brzezinksi
February 22, 2017
[H/T to Computer Colonics @FerfeLaBat via Tim Pool @Timcast..

Good to have what you think explicatory stated. Thank you Mika. Now we can advocate for complete dismissal of everything you say without the slightest bit of concern that we might miss something of importance.—Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mika Brzezinksi

  1. Aside from the Freudian slip, it sounds like an unitelligible word salad. Like it was her turn to talk but she had nothing to say, so here’s ” something”.

    Anyway, good to have clarity.

    • That is true. Instead of ALL gibberish, some of what she said was revelatory. A paragraph of word salad, and then, the last twenty words – – an admission against interest.

  2. Funny thing is. The media is undermining their own position faster than anyone else ever could. Thanks Mika!

    • That is Trump’s super-power: he gets inside the leftist’s heads, living there rent-free 24×7, and they manage to expose themselves and make their pathetic ridiculousness obvious to all who see them. They are making a mockery of themselves in their frantic attempt to discredit him. It is glorious to watch.

      • He is, in that respect, Al Czervik to the Democrats and many Republicans’ Judge Smails.

        There’s a surprising amount of pertinent social commentary in silly comedies including, but not limited to “Caddyshack”.

  3. Shouldn’t she be wearing one of those fur caps that has Soviet Red Star on it.

    Pravda and Yellow Journalism is alive and well.

  4. “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia!”
    Mika Brzezinksi (or maybe not)

  5. Of course she’s not saying that coordinated mass mind control is a bad thing. She just wants herself and her people (her gang) in charge of it. And that is a perfect description of the last 120+ years of American politics.

    It’s not about whether we want an authoritarian system, but only about who should control it. It’s not about whether we want a cult of personality. As a nation we answered that question long before anyone alive today was born. Rather it’s only about the specific personality around which we establish our authoritarian cult, e.g., do you prefer an Obama Phone or a Trump Stimulus Check? Do you want subsidies for windmills and Social Justice programs, or for GM and Harley Davidson? Will you make a pilgrimage to visit the Clinton Library, or Mount Rushmore (or cut the dilly dallying and go straight to Rome, hoping, longing, to get a glimpse of the pope)?

    And when can we dispense with the term “conspiracy theory” in this regard and take it as established conspiracy fact?

  6. Who?

    Oh, She’s a meat puppet on one of the talking head networks that I blocked on my cable channel listing.

  7. Am I the only one who notices that there is never a DATE included in the network chyrons/lede-bars when viewing one of these legacy clips?

    Titlecard (MSNBC)
    ‘LIVE’ flag
    Scrolling chyron
    TIME (even noting time zone)

    But no DATE…


    It’s almost like they need to be ABLE to start the memory-holing process before anything is even aired ‘just in case’ something like this slips through.

  8. And she is going beyond ‘control what people think’ to saying that only ‘they’ have the right to speak and that Trump, in particular, should be banned from speaking.

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