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3D printing is the end of gun control. The so-called progressives are acting like there’s a debate about it. The debate is over. The guns are downloadable. The files are in the public domain. You cannot take them back. You can adjust your politics to this reality. You will not ask me to adjust mine.

May 15, 2020
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. Gun control always has been a bad bet. At least in America. But hey, commies got to commie, right?
    Next, we need to make it easier to make barrels. Kevin, of Weaponsman fame.(may he rest in peace). Was working on electro-etched barrel rifling when he passed. Something that could revolutionize barrel making. And could be done in your garage.
    In all this we should keep perspective. Ghost guns aren’t the problem, Communist are. Without them whining. We would just be Americans being American. Changing the world by inventing shit in our backyards.

    • The FCG-9 uses an ECM rifled barrel. Tutorials are available, and my new 3D printer is awaiting instructions.

    • Broaching can be done in your garage.

      I’ve seen it done on a lathe, with a hand-made cutter, using a piece of twisted square rod as a guide, by a girl. I know a guy in a neighboring town who made a handgun with a rifled barrel as a project in high school shop class some fifty years ago, using approximately the same method. Barrels were rifled in the 18th Century using muscle power.

      New, experimental high tech methods are all well and good (mainly for making you think it’s beyond your reach) but you don’t need any special equipment except a brain, and the resolve, to rifle a barrel.

      • I’ve been wondering if a rifled barrel could be made by explosive forming, over a mandrel with the rifling pattern cut into it. That would be an easy cutting job on a lathe (since it is an exterior rather than an interior pattern). Sort of a home shop version of a mandrel-forged barrel.

  2. Olive bucket didn’t say that.

    It’s a quote from Cody Wilson.

  3. In the mind of the authoritarian, this is no problem whatsoever. It’s more likely thought an opportunity. It will be taken as proof that there is no legitimate assertion of privacy by anyone of the target classes*.

    If certain things are banned, and if there is any chance you might have access to them, then, ipso facto, you cannot claim any right to privacy. It reinforces, in their minds, what authoritarians have been asserting all along; that law enforcement, to be effective, must have knowledge of your every move and action.

    What follows that, of course, is the need to have absolute power over you, for what good is the knowledge gained via total surveillance without the power to take the appropriate actions in response, without the slightest vacillation or hesitation?

    In short; that is a nice “thumbing of the nose” jesture, taunting the enemy and all, but its effect can only be a stiffening of authoritarian resolve. It’s a challenge they’re more than willing, even quite eager, to accept.

    And so it is that we have “both sides” shouting; “Bring it on! Come on!”

    Remember; authoritarians have been telling one another for well over a hundred years that there are far too many people on the planet. They’ve also shown that they don’t need much of an excuse to start doing something about it.

    It’ll come down to; “What are your ‘rights’ while the planet is suffering?” Or “Your assertion of ‘rights’ is killing everything!”

    Therefore as in the Dark Ages (last time Rome had sway), it will be “Capitulate or die”. Also keep in mind that the rationalizations for it matter not a whit. They use whatever rationalizations they feel are necessary, without being bound by principles, facts, or appearances of consistency. Such is their form of “liberty” or “Liberation Theology”.

    * Some, still refusing to understand it, will ask; “Who are the target classes?”
    They’re anyone or everyone. Again; it doesn’t matter. Whoever doesn’t like, or might not like, the authority, or whoever is dumb enough to like it. Either or both. The only object is to have the power to rob or murder or otherwise humiliate anyone, openly, publicly, at a whim and with a flourish, and watch everyone else either cower or cheer until their turn comes up. “We who are about to die salute you!” and all that.

    • Do you know what the problem is with being authoritarian?

      It’s that you have to stand -above- all the little people.

      And that makes you an easy target.

      You can’t hide in a hole and still be a king.

  4. The purpose of the law….like ALL “gun control” laws is to control HONEST law abiding people. NOT the criminals. This law, like ALL “gun control” laws is not
    about guns, crime or safety. It is, as always about the ONLY thing the left is
    interested in…..CONTROL.

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