This didn’t age well

From yesterday (apparently in the morning):

Brzozowski teased an upcoming campaign announcement during the forum. She says a big endorsement is coming that will raise her campaign’s visibility. She also says generic polls show Democrats doing better than Republicans in Congressional races.

One has to wonder if she is relying on the same pollsters who projected a 98% chance of a Hillary win in 2016 the day before the election. Because, today:

The first question I wanted answered was, “How many was that?”

The answer is, “Three.” “Two.” And only one of those was a flip. So, nice, but not that big of a deal.


5 thoughts on “This didn’t age well

  1. ah, you gotta love those polls. picking up, where they left off.

  2. Three? I can only find information on two:,_2020,_2020

    …and only one of those was a flip. This doesn’t seem worth that degree of crowing. Of course, he may be doing that just to needle the Dems…


  3. Had there been only one election, and had it gone to a Democrat, the media would have spun it as a referendum on Trump, Republicanism, and conservatism in general. As you say, this is a nice result, particularly in California where the Democrats have a super majority in both houses of the Legislature, and there is not one office elected state wide that is held by a Republican. One hopes this is a trend, but it is too early to tell.

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