Quote of the day—Sex Positive Dennis Prager @PragerSex

We’ve never had gun control, evidenced by the fact we’re overflowing with guns and the NRA has blocked every effort.

Sex Positive Dennis Prager @PragerSex
Tweeted on April 26, 2020
[So, which is it this time?

  1. Willfully ignorant.
  2. Knows that if they tell a big enough lie enough times someone will believe them.
  3. The mental hospital allows them Twitter access.

When confronted with a small sample of the laws restricting access to guns he claimed, “None of those laws made guns illegal.” Hence, it wasn’t true gun control.

I’m voting for, 4. Troll.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sex Positive Dennis Prager @PragerSex

  1. I’m not sure it is any of those. It seems more like he lives in a bubble world.
    Candy causes some people to get fat, remove all candy from the world and nobody will get fat.

    There is no consideration given to any law that is not a total ban on guns. And he starts from the assumption that no guns means nobody dies from being shot. Quid Pro Quo.

    Unfortunately, his assumption is invalid because there is no way to remove guns from the world. Guns are easier to make than drugs. Guns are easier to hide than drugs. Instructions on how to make guns is easier to distribute and far easier to follow.

    I saw a demonstration of a 9mm single shot pistol on Demolition Range video the other day. The barrel was held on with a single lug. There was lip to hold the round. You put the round on the “bolt” face held in place by a lip. You put the barrel over the round and twisted it to lock it in place. You pulled the trigger back and slide your finger off the trigger to let it fly forward, driving an attached firing pin into the primer.

    I figure that any machinist could make such a thing in about an hour in the shop.

    But dude thinks that he can pass a law and all guns will just evaporate.

  2. He just answered his own question. We got plenty of law, but no drug control? Most liberals are intelligent people. And Joe Biden is frontrunner for president?

  3. Ah, the old “No True Scotsman” fallacy.

    “We’ve never had real gun control, because all gun control laws have allowed guns.”

    Similarly, “Real socialism has never been tried, so you can’t say socialism doesn’t work.”

    On the other hand, you could try turning this back on him and saying that, because no “gun control” laws are real “gun control” laws, we can repeal all of them and not affect anything, right?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    • I guess since we still have murders, robberies, and traffic speeding, we have no real criminal justice or traffic control, either?

      • And since the red light cameras have not, in fact, stopped ALL red light runners, they are useless and should be removed and banned.

        • I like your logic. Keep going. Since it has the word sex is in the original post. Deeper, Harder!

  4. Using the name of a well known public figure seems pretty trollish. Whatever the guys thought process I would say “crap for brains” would apply.

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