Quote of the day—John B.

A couple of my friends have asked if you could move the event closer to the US-Canada border, so that we could shoot across the border rather than having to cross it ourselves.

John B.
March 20, 2020
[Via email.

I think that’s a really cool idea! It might even be an act of war or something. How much fun would that be?

But, it’s not really practical because the production and storage facilities are not mobile. And finding a suitable location might be tough. Washington State is out because of the onerous laws. Idaho doesn’t have a very long border with Canada. This would make it less likely to have a place I could rent on both sides of the border. Montana might have a place, but I don’t know their explosives laws.

But, if I had the time those are all solvable problems. Unless it really is considered an act of war.—Joe]


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  1. Trebuchet-ing targets for cross-border skeet. A fine example of international co-operation.

  2. Sounds like fun! I don’t think the Canadians are allowed that are they? I know their trying to outlaw it here in the states to.

  3. Someday, Joe, you’re going to have to franchise Boomershoot.

    Canada can have a Boomershoot, Eh.

    I think Texas deserves a Boomershoot, Y’all.

    Maybe Minnesota can have a Boomershoot, Youbetcha.

    • A few years ago Ry and I talked about this quite a bit. We even tried to find a place to hold an event in a different state. We were unable to find a different location. Fire danger and potential neighbor problems were the primary blocking issues.

  4. Place the explosives right on the border, with firing lines on both sides set up angled relative to each other so that the lines of fire converge at the targets.

    For example, the Canadian firing line would be NE of the targets, oriented SW, and the US line would be SE of the targets, oriented NW.

  5. You could combine Boomershoot with the Burning Man festival. That would be a lot of Fun/interesting. Big draw for all! Well, maybe not the hippies for 2021.

    • “…Big draw for all! Well, maybe not the hippies for 2021.”

      Choose the smelliest hippie, and duct-tape him or her to The Anvil for launch at the opening ceremonies.

      Never mind their whining, they’ll have a blast!

      Sunk New Dawn
      Galveston, TX

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